NewRoanoke #5 - Part 1

You all know the song.. this is just a newer version of it I happen to like.

I said the next NewRoanoke would be about class - and I meant it.

When you don't work to better yourself, show a little ambition, and make something of yourself - you lose. And in that regard, there's a good number of low-class citizens in this town. Symptomatic to the civic problem is the civil one. Even our leaders have shown a penchant for being guttersnipes and engaging in beyond-political back-stabbing.

It's easy to see too. Trinkle lost his Roanoke-Political virginity rather quickly - when he soon found that he was one man, standing alone.

But thats the easy side of the equation.. the much harder side will come tomorrow.

When we get down to street level.

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Jeff St Real said...

Yipe! Not sure about the anime. It has always given me the creeps (yeah, I'm an old fart), but I like the version of Land of Confusion. That was one of my least favorite Genesis tunes, but this makes me realize it was a good song regardless.

So . . . I'll ask you again . . .are you going to run for Council? You should.