just had to put this one in.. I'd love to see it done up like this today.

Just a note...

Sorry the updates have been slow, but Ive been switched to a butt-ugly early shift at work, so my brain has not been functioning anywhere close to normal... Ive been debating where to go next in town with Forgotten-Roanoke. Ive got extensive pics of Campbell, and more information than I can really assimilate now. Course, Im always looking for personal recollections - HINT - for example, what was the building which was torn down to make the lower part of the Wachovia tower? You know, the part where the pedestrian bridge to the Hotel is now....

Any information, and I do mean ANY is welcome. Even if it seems trivial - maybe you remember going to a store on Campbell, or having lunch at the Woolworths counter. I'd love to hear it - you can either put it in the comments, or e-mail me. Either way.

I noticed a few hits going from the blog to the site - I see you people out there. But no one is entering anything in the guestbook. Come on, I know you have something to say - so say it allready.

This is just beginning, theres much work to do. Especially if they build that god awful Art Museum. By the by - what was the point of that Viaduct??

Mind you - the oly pics Ive seen of it are from when they cut it off right by the Dominion/First Union/Wachovia tower.

And Wicktory Stadium, boy thats a whole page and a half in itself. Of course, I had what - 18 opportunities to walk into the stadium, and the one time I actually think to do it they have locked the gates. Figures....

More to follow.