Gang meeting tonight


Sharks V. Jets: Is the dancing really worth it?

Actually, and in all reality, tonight we get an update from the Roanoke PD on (pseudo-)gang activity in the city itself. It should be interesting.

It's at the Belmont Christian Church, 7pm. If anyone is interested in coming.

Also, Renovate Roanoke is coming up - which promises to be interesting in a wholly different aspect. Seems like the kind of thing that might put a bit of a hurt on Black Dog's business. And improve the call rate for contractors, as those who half paid attention during the classes suddenly find themselves with the need for professional help.

But more important than all that...

It's going to rain.

So forgive me as I have the last bit of quiet time before the busy season and keep my mouth shut for a day or so. I know blogging has been a bit light lately, but that shall not remain so for long.

"So much time, and so little to do." - w.w.