we will return with a New Roanoke post over the weekend, but for now - peace to the hokie nation.



The first thing to realize, in all this calling for security and laws and accountability - is there is no way to stop this.

You will never stop something like this. And you will never understand the root causes.

At best, all you can do is stay ever vigilant and hopeful.

This can happen in any school, anywhere, at any time. Sometimes, if you are really unlucky, lightening can strike twice. But that is also when you realize how lucky you truly are.

"It's just a farm school... community college... elementary school... It's Princeton.."

Does not matter. It can happen.

But what made this time so different was the use of "teh internetz" to communicate during and after-wards. Apparently Mr. Cho-nutz even harassed a woman using Facebook.com. It will be interesting to see when that shows up on the radar fully.

He was most likely severely dissociated from the world that surrounded him. Uncomfortable in his own skin. Over time, this developed itself into an entirely new persona - one public, one private.

So far, I am leaning towards the "Call me Ishmael" angle.

But thats neither here nor there. The United States, Virginia, and people in general received 2 wake-up calls on Monday.

The first was: It can happen anywhere, at any time. Regardless of how small and safe you like to think you are.

But the second, and more important lesson: People want to communicate, the networks (facebook, myspace, ...) would not exist if they did not. The people were just as informed as the news networks.

The Roanoke Times has succeeded in its coverage by emulating the style of blogs.

But I digress..

Remember that "whole new world" everyone talked about after 9/11?

Welcome to it.


One last post

A good deal of the news coming out now is rehashed and speculative. Sure I have information on the meatball who did this, but it's nothing that has not streamed around the internet a million times already.

Speculative myspace pages, livejournal (people still use that??) pages, theories and more crap than you can poke with a stick.

But I want to give special thanks to one person who has kept a clear line with all this going on, Rob - of Rob's Window.

I had the chance to meet Rob at the WDBJ/Roanoke Biz2Biz blogging conference - and he is a good guy. Nice to see someone rise above the hype and drama and just keep it simple and to the point.

Oh, and Rob - I was that guy you saw. You just happened to have bad timing as I was getting off my shift. Stop by some evening for a cup o joe and say hi.

I will say this much about the whole shooting thing.

After the blackout in 02, 9/11, tornadoes where they should not be, and so much more - I learned one thing. It doesn't matter where you are, it can happen.

Life is funny that way. You just have to learn from every experience, and move on.

Sorry for the delay

Well, I guess between the wind, the shootings, and the fire at 3rd and Highland.. It's just another boring news day.

I had to change a lightbulb. That took an hour. Do not ask.

I have independent confirmation on certain aspects of the tech shooting, which I am waiting for "official" confirmation on. However, the "broken heart" angle, as stupid and juvenile as it may seem - is correct.

To all those who have been affected by this, I am sorry.

Love is love is love, except when it's murder. But you have to be some sort of special knucklehead to make it mass-murder.

/not sure if I'm happy he's dead, or angry.

//ps- dawn jeffries - a little helpful note. When 30+ people die, you do not have 2 shootings. Unless you subscribe to the "magic bullet theory." You're a professional, act like it.

Dan Bern - Kid's Prayer

So sad, so sad the news

Come our way this morning

Like a bad bad dream

A dream that you’d never even talk about

In a school, a school

A place where we send our precious children

The only place of innocence the world might ever let them know

And barely aware of the odds against existence in the first place

Of love and fertility and risk of a baby being born

And of clothes and food and fear and maybe relocation

Of sickness, recovery, of music lessons, painting the bedroom

And lingering over eggs and thoughts and sleepy conversations

And plans for the weekend

One last pause to say goodbye

And a glance at the clock

And the grabbing of the sandwich and the notebook

Confident of nothing but the unbroken days that they've been granted

But comes a child

A child so full of anger and hatred

Barely aware of the genesis coursing through his veins

With a gun, a gun

Deaf and blind deliverer of madness

Skilled beyond his own unformulated brain

And with his hand in a fist

And his soul in a knot

And his heart racing

And his mind sick with images

His slim shoulders finally feeling tall

And his fellow creatures

Students and their crushes and their daydreams

Struggling to unwrap the ancient secrets of geometry

He pulls from his coat the instrument to shatter all forevers

In a random blaze of insides and blood and endless now

And noise and flash and more and not even when it's over

Can any so much as summon up the sanity to scream

Then on the floor his classmates blown down and choking

As he lays his weapon on his desk, hardly sure he isn't dreaming

And all the world descends and offers up their condolence

And offers up their theories what went wrong

And who and why and when and how

It's all the killing day and night on television

It's all the movies where violence is as natural as breathing

It's guns and bullets as easily obtainable as candy

It's video games where you kill and begin to think it's real

It's people not having God in their lives anymore

Or it's all of it, or none of it, or some of it, or various combinations

And all those theories sound pretty reasonable, I guess

Though I ain't no scientist

I ain't no figurer of statistics

I ain't no theologist

Or psychologist or biologist

All I can do is offer up a prayer of my own

Talk to your kids

Play with your kids

Tell them your dreams

And your disappointments

Listen with your kids

Listen to your kids

Watch your kids

Let your kids watch you

Tell your kids the truth

Best as you can tell it

No use telling lies

Your kids can always smell it

Cook for your kids

Let your kids cook for you

Sing with your kids

Teach your kids the blues

Learn their games

Teach them yours

Touch your kids

Find out what they know

Be sad with your kids

Be stupid with your kids

Learn with your kids

Cry with you kids

Be yourself with your kids

Be real with your kids

Embarrass your kids

Let them embarrass you

Be strong with your kids

Be tough with your kids

Be firm with your kids

Say "No" to your kids

Say "Yes" to your kids

Take it easy on your kids

You were a kid

Not so long ago

There are things you know

Your kids will never know

There’s places they live

Where you will never go

So dance with your kids

Paint with your kids

Walk with your kids

Tell stories to your kids

Watch movies with your kids

Eat popcorn with your kids

Tell secrets to your kids

Stop for rainbows with your kids

One day your kids

Won't be kids

And maybe they'll have kids of their own

Let’s hope they talk to their kids

Play with their kids

Tell them their dreams

And their disappointments


Looks like Roanoke.com is dead again

latest numbers 22 dead, 21 injured, 4 critical, 7 stable.

bad day...

prayers and peace..

you'll be happy to know that the suspect is no longer "with us" from what I'm hearing

For those of you who need the info

VT is evacuating the entire campus as of noon.

I realize Roanoke.com and VT.edu are both in deep server issues - so I figured I would get that out there.

All staff and students from VT are being tossed off campus, and will not be allowed back at this point.

anything else major comes down, I'll let you know.