Well, I guess your gonna have to wait

I guess I'll just have to give you a really good podcast next week, because Im not getting it done this week apparently. Theres still alot going on here at F-R HQ, including the hunt for a new HQ.

We are narrowing down the search however, and are targeting one particular area that would make me a nightmare for anyone looking to tear down a historic structure in Roanoke.

although there might be some interesting news tomorrow - as we go deep inside.. well, you'll have to see

podcast delays

Podcast will be forthcoming, as soon as I return from downtown.

Unless I just audiocast live from downtown..

meh - not so much difference, one has music the other doesnt.

We shall see.

But the podcast will be coming.. eventually.

Oh - and no, I don't care that Mr. Stout has yet another article in the paper.

Or that someone at his office has been poking around my site.

Bring it..


Roanoke Marketplace

Roanoke Marketplace

Just a little something Im launching. Im running it for the next 30 days, and if it doesn't take off - oh well. Nothing lost. If it does, well then.. it might just be something worthwhile.

Give it a poke, try it out a bit. I'll be adding stuff as I can, but I want you to add stuff too. If you have any problems let me know.

If I get a decent enough response to this, I might just have some more fun stuff up my sleeves.

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Team VA Military Family Support Center

Team VA Military Family Support Center

Remember that Military Family Support Center on Kirk and 1st I told you about? This is they, and they are us.


Election Results and How to end the Stadium issue.

Someone won, someone lost. And we got more losers.

Kaine beat Kilgore by a touch over 100k votes.

Octavia beat McMillan by 500 or so...

Care? Not so much.

The battle for Governer was kinda sad, and still not one new idea was proposed. Although I did get some lovely phone calls (6) yesterday reminding me to vote.

For the first time in a long time, I sat this election out. I wanted no part of the 3 Stooges' Race for the Mansion considering Moe, Larry, and Curly Joe were running I thought it best to retain the few IQ points I have and put them to good use. Although one has to wonder - if there was a "no confidence" option on the ballot, who would have won?

Would have been a close race I can tell you that, but I think N/C would have won by a hair.

You political folks are gonna have to work a bit harder, get a bit smarter if you want my vote. I am a highly political person - but I refuse to take part in something which does not advance society. This election was a race for the same place we just were.

Kaine seems like a nice enough guy, but has a false enthusiasm for the job.

Kilgore too.. Its like buying the extended DVD of Fantasia, and realizing they just added a "behind the scenes" reel. Nice, but of no use to the casual fan. You had higher expectations than this.

And thats what politics is all about. Higher expectations, you expect that your elected officials will do what is best for you and the community at large. You elect someone with the expectations that they will do a better job than the shmuck you just had.

City Council is a perfect example of advancing without going anywhere. How many times has a new councilman/woman been elected on the promise of better, and better never happens. Usually its different, but the same.

Electing people based on their views on a single issue (VICTORY STADIUM) will only deadlock the council and get nothing accomplished. There still has been no indication as to the direction the City Council will go with Victory Stadium, but plenty of other issues that get confused and waylaid by the ill-feelings between members over the single issue.

Refocus your attention on the future. The Vision 2012 plan, the youth of Roanoke. Stop bickering about the here and now, and start bickering about how the here and now is hindering progress for the future.

Do I particularly care that allegedly Carilion wants the Victory Stadium site for the Bio-Med facility? No, although thinking of it from a business standpoint, it would be in Carilion's best interests to keep the stadium. Think of Wrigley Field in Chicago, a stadium which is in the midst of a residential area. Everyone knows what it looks like, its a national landmark. Everyone also knows if you park your car nearby you might have your window broken by a home run.

To have a similar, but different stadium in Roanoke - one where maybe minor league baseball could be played, or any events really next door to a major employment area, easily accessable from the highway - would be a huge win for Carilion in convincing companies to move to the area. Leave your car at work and take in a night game, or a concert. All you have to do is walk across the road.

So for all you who think Carilion is drooling over the stadium site, maybe they are - but maybe not in the way you think.

And maybe the city council should examine possible USES for the stadium before deciding what needs to be done with the stadium.

And again, I say, CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP would make the whole stadium issue seem like nothing.

Do some research - theres a reason why Enron bought a field, why Keyspan in NY built a stadium, theres money in them there bricks...

But thats just my take on it. As it usually is.

Carry on City Council, keep walking in circles - the trench is just getting deeper.

RoanokeFound's Stuff on SuprGlu

RoanokeFound's Stuff on SuprGlu

This is something new. One stop shopping for everything I use (for the most part). My Flickr photos, del.icio.us bookmarks, blogs, and 43 places and things - which are quirky little social-software things.

I suppose should I really want, I could use it as a reader for all my favorite sites in one place. If I wanted..

But this is for all of you - who stumble across my webpage and wonder, who is this idiot? What does he want? Why is he here?

Im Me, Im here, and I want nothing less than total overwhelming domination.

Not asking much, am I?

Have fun.
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Conversate | Victory Stadium, 2 high school "stadiums", and a big dent in the wall from my head.

Conversate | Victory Stadium, 2 high school "stadiums", and a big dent in the wall from my head.

This is new technology, like the commenting system you see below each post, but more open. And easier to use.

I chose now to unleash it because this whole Victory Stadium issue is even more fractioned and dysfunctional than it was yesterday. There is no discussion on what the public would like to do, no general consensus on what the next step should be. Some of us were blindsided by the sudden support for the 2 stadium program. Others were expecting such last minute dramatics. But what seems lost in the whole story is the fact that even the 2 stadium idea is not set in stone.

No, beyond the next few weeks of planners and consultants and site plans and re-zoning battles, you still have city council elections coming.
Elections which could overturn the entire program for Victory AND the 2 stadiums.

Someone on the Roanoke Times messageboard for the Victory/School Stadium issue mentioned that "Every high school in America has a stadium for football." Aside from this being the first Im hearing of this, considering I went to high school in America, I highly doubt it. As a matter of fact, I could pull photos of many high schools where they have the space to build a full fledged stadium, but have normal bleachers and scoreboard.

Why does high school football need to be High Tech? Why do we need video-screens? What purpose does it serve? This is high school we are talking about. And yet on the other hand we lament and complain about how kids are not allowed to grow up properly these days. But we are the ones pushing pro-level situations on high school kids.

Any question why the youth sports programs now have to include testing for steroids?

Let the kids play sandlot football, ironman football - where you play both offense and defense. Your 10 year old does not need to learn special teams plays, they will get that later on. The high school kids do not need video screens, nor do they need 4000 seat stadiums. It is more than they need to handle, serves no purpose to better themselves or the game. Its all for the parents to brag about.

And there it is. Thats where all this stadium nonsense comes back to, the parents.

And there is a direct correlation between the parents attitudes today, and the City Council.

Let me hear your thoughts on it.

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Breaking news from The Roanoke Times -
Breaking News
Roanoke City Council votes to proceed with two-stadium proposal

Breaking news from The Roanoke Times -
Breaking News
Roanoke City Council votes to proceed with two-stadium proposal


3000 seats... why in the name of hell do you need 3000 seats?

I have to apologize

Posting might be a bit light this week, although Im sure I'll have something to say about the Victory Stadium vote when we find out what happens.

Got a busy week on tap, but I promise I will have Kirk finished this week, and possibly a new page this weekend (trying to keep that schedule).

When all is said and done, you folks will have one hell of a read coming at ya.

Forgotten Roanoke is on track to its new HQ.

And its one hell of a fast track.

For those of you out there who have no hope of ever buying a home of your own, don't give up. When this is done, I will show you how you can do it, because its how Im doing it.

We are on our way...