Spotted today

A sign, very recognizeable. At Black Dog Salvage.

Yes, the same Black Dog that bought the items inside the Lonesome Dove.

Well, I guess the Lonesome Dove sign might be historic, but the Tony's Place sign is not.

Well, what ya gonna do.

I did not see a price tag on it, and was too irked to ask. Anyone feeling charitable, head on over to Black Dog - haggle a deal, and return the sign to Mrs. Tony, who was still driving by the old Lonesome Dove every Sunday on her way home - never stopping, just slowing down and looking.

Show a little respect.. unlike our lovely Art Museum folks. Selling everything to Black Dog, without reason.


I want you all to think of this

Next time the city council makes a decision, next time the police drop the ball on an investigation, next time the Roanoke Times takes damage during an obvious "right-wing attack storm".. think of this:
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An old year, a new pod...

Screaming my way towards middle age (which with all the youth enhancing substances on the market today is beginning to seem even more elusive), we dive deep into the archives.. reaching back 31 years to bring you this weeks podcast.



Bet your all wondering why I havent said anything about the storm

It's because Im still hiding under my blankets.. in case it comes back.

A first!

Consider this an early gift from me to you, in preparation for the new page launching tomorrow - a little bit of fun.

Although upon further listen, it's like the span of my youth in one song.

Not a Mashup, not quite - not even a decent remix, but you tell me - what do you think?


I wanted to share this with you all..

Yes, its a 9/11 memorial coin. It's up for sale on Ebay - 36 bucks right now. But its a bit more than that.

This coin can save a life.

From the listing:

is a very unique coin struck only for fundraising purposes. Only 800
coins were struck to help a police officer In Roanoke,
VA., raise money for medical expenses not covered by his
insurance.  His son has a disease called Duchenne Muscular

coin's face displays the Statue of Liberty, The World Trade Center and
the Pentagon. Just below the casting is "9-11-01" It is Gold in color.
The perimeter has a black field That reads, "FIVE YEARS" on
top, with two white stars on either side and the bottom which reads,

coin's back is just as beautiful with the City of Roanoke's Police, and
Sherrif's Departments shields and the Maltese Fire/EMS Cross in the
center. The top also has a blue field that reads in gold lettering,
"ROANOKE VALLEY", then has two unfurled U.S. Flags. One on each side.
On the bottom, there is a gold field with black letters that reads,
"FIRST RESPONDERS". Great attention was paid to the minutest of

percent of all money collected will go to Aiden Galleo's medications!
They are experimental and are NOT covered by insurance! You
may email the seller to get verification!

And I personally have verification of this, so it's not a scam by any means.

Normally I only shill for my sponsers (Miller High Life, Studabaker, H&H Grocery...) but this time I ask you all to take a look, send it to friends..

Let's try and get the price pumped up higher than the $36 it sits at. Remember, and rescue.

And here I thought it was just me...

Nope. The City has now gotten in on the act of Podcasting.

Cool, but its competition I guess.

Update though - dentist was not what was expected - so you still have my golden tones for another 2 weeks. HA HA


A new podcast

Possibly the last one for a while, probably not though. You folks aint that lucky.


TIME.com Print Page: Science & Health -- Yes, It Really Is Brain Surgery

TIME.com Science & Health -- Yes, It Really Is Brain Surgery

Be nice to the man with holes in his head.

Boy, and I thought I was the only nutball to have brain surgery and write about it in a humorous way.



Coming in the next week

  • The long promised site update.
  • A new podcast or two.
  • Some other stuff I have yet to determine.
  • An interview with a very angry Chef K.
I've got some time off from work for some very painful matters, physically painful anyway - mentally, not so much.

I plan on getting some real work done this week, along with organizing and packing up here at Forgotten-HQ. I might come across a few things that you might find interesting. And as always, the rumor mill is buzzing with happenings.

Unfortunately, there is little I can do about the heat, so we will just have to bear it out till next week, when a little birdy told me it will cool down a bit.

I hate summer.. the first few weeks are ok, but after that - its over for me. Im thinking Halloween, Thanksgiving.. and yes - even Christmas allready.

Heat, Humidity.. blech.. Im going for a drive in my all new Studabaker Lark Convertable.. Im sure I will be sweating anyway.