Oh hey - it's Saturday

Too nice of a day to worry about blogging. Just worried about the rain issue. Fires starting too often now, wife had one break out near work from just a smouldering ciggarette...

I have faith this won't be a drought year, but this is not the best start..

Just one of my things though.. what you gonna do?


You wanted the Pod, you've got the Pod

Pod #11.. prelude to St. Pats, city council election nonsense, and common sense - with an obnoxious background noise sure to get your foot tapping.

The Pod #11 is here.

I know what you want

You want a podcast..

Well its going to come sometime after noon, I've got to wash the smelly hounds first.

You're just going to have to wait.

Deadwood meets DT on the internet

Well well well, look at what DBJ is doing now. (read here)

Im sure good things can come of this. Increased news reporting, localized information. And all of it available on the internet, according to the article. "He said the two news organizations will also be able to share stories through each other's websites."

Sounds good to me, but Im still calling this Media1.1 - this is the first step in a good direction, now lets see how well they can dance.


Just something to mull over..

For those of you old enough, The Day After is on now. And it's still just as damn creepy as it was back in 1983.

Certain things you never want to think about, even if they are fiction.

Remember that space thing I told you about before?


Here ya go... liquid water in space... its nearly unpossible, but yet it is so.

Amazing, no?

You folks should know

NASA is poised at 2pm EST to announce something.. something big and a bit unexpected.

From Drudge: "NASA's Cassini spacecraft may have found evidence of liquid water reservoirs that erupt in Yellowstone-like geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus. The rare occurrence of liquid water so near the surface raises many new questions about the mysterious moon. "

Liquid water on a cold and distant moon. The odds of that are astounding, the implications - boggling. Stay tuned to your favorite news site for further details.

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Well I have good news to report!

The widely reported death of the Roanoke City Market on Sundays has been proven false.

Thanks to the Roanoke Times for just catching onto this, I've known for weeks that starting Sunday, March 19th - the whole market area will be hopping on sundays. Starting around 11am, the city market will be alive and kicking just as you like it.

Of course, this ruins my nice quiet sundays downtown for photography and such, but thats ok. I'll just get up earlier and maybe finally have breakfast at the Texas Tavern.

Of course, I could have a bowl with for breakfast and be happy.
But thats just me.. keep your eyes out, as your entering the Forgotten-Zone, Sunday Mornings...


Sorry I havent been around much

But things are devloping here at FR HQ, where we have just recieved a treasure-trove of information that I am attempting to process.

But.. have you read the Chef K blog?

He's delving into the kitchens to reformat and rework the entire kitchen. Interesting in his approach - I have no clue how possible or probable any of it is, but it all sounds pretty good to me.

Check it out, if you have the time


A question for you Times staffers out there...

You seem to have a hard time finding people who are reasonable when you do your stories.

Either that, you just don't present them that way. Today's article on the Flood Control Project you seem to have problems finding anyone who has anything GOOD to say about the project, or can at least play devils advocate. Although, you do find balance with Jay Roberts - it's all too brief.

And for goodness sake, it will absolutely NOT create a "Dead Sea" in the midst of Roanoke. There are natural forces which will keep that from happening. I can say this much to you: Providence, RI has a Riverwalk and waterside park, gondolas cruise the waterway and you can walk along the river on a concrete walkway. They have a occasional festival that occurs several times a year called "WaterFire."
WaterPlace Park Basin
It is an amazing sight to behold, but before you get thinking otherwise - it's not what Roanoke is about. This is just an illustration on what other cities do. Austin, Tx has a riverwalk too - slightly different, but they have the gondola idea as well. All of them natural rivers, and all of them pale in comparison to the Roanoke River, even with the stripped earth of the flood reduction program.

All of those have the feel of a city, even when your beside the river itself - it still feels like a city. Here, when you clear the Franklin Rd. or 581 overpass by a minute or two - you don't feel like your in the city. You feel as if you have escaped, and its not just the trees or the ivy - its the whole package.

Perhaps if more people who were appreciative about the greenways themselves spoke up, these negative articles need not be written. Greenway Fans are out there, you just have to go to the greenway on a nice day to see them. Although looking at this weekends weather, I shudder to think how crowded both the greenway AND Mill Mountain will be.

Might see me there anyway...

Yes well..

Terribly sorry, I got involved in something tonight - therefore I am remiss in posting some links for your enjoyment. I shall rectify that in the morning, I promise it.

By the by, anyone see Marc LaMarre on SLS? What a horribly edited interview..

His eyes are bright though, and thats a good thing.

Walk safe, tread carefully.. the road is long and fraught with danger.

And that goes for anyone undergoing such a transformation in their lives, addiction or otherwise...


Just another miserable day in Roanoke

Man.. this weather is just wonderful is it not?

I am highly unmotivated to write about anything today, so Im gonna post some links in a little while..

apologies to those who also have to suffer, in this dim grey world, from lack of interest in anything.


Thought I'd share these with you

Just some photos from Ye Olden Tymes, and I swear all were taken on a Sunday - as there is not a living soul on the streets.

Franklin Rd. looking from Jefferson. The grassy area with the stairs on the left is the old Shenandoah Club, next to that - the Professional Arts building. On the right side - you can see the awning which is just after Paul's Cafe. Just past that is the Jefferson Electric Co. You know, the one with the big ship and massive lanterns on it. Still there. This photo is circa 1925, roughly.

This is the former Jefferson Hospital. I've got a page on the way about the hospitals downtown, so you'll just have to wait..

This is the window of Heironimous, displaying goods for Easter. Well, goods for Easter Sunday - you know, when you have to get all fancied up and wear white gloves and such. At least, thats my impression from this window. Maybe its just me. Judging by the font on the sign, I'd plug this Easter Impression sometime around the late 1920's. I could be wrong.

And finally, a shot of the immediate area around Jefferson and Campbell. That big building at left-center is the Terry Building, home to many a bank and broker in its short run. It's not often you find a skyscraper lasting only 20-30 years or so. But, welcome to Roanoke. Anyway, theres a few pages alone in that beauty. You can still see a peice of history though, down on the now "HomeTown Bank" building - the clock which hangs on the corner is the only remaining item from the Terry Building.

Could it be theres another curse on the loose in Roanoke? Only time will tell - keep your eye on HomeTown Bank.

Have a good sunday..

Hey there

How ya doin? Enjoying this confused weather? Me neither...

Making me a bit crazy though.. nothing new there.

I'll have something to say later, but for now - Im just going to sit here and stare at you all as you read this.

Bet that makes you feel all warm inside.