The day is done

Parade is over, as is the festival.

Damn what a ride.. Great day all around.

Just a thought though - EventZone needs to consider some crowd control next year, as the crowds around Jefferson and Salem were pushing way out into the street - to the point the Kazim Motorcycle crew was not able to do the usual precision driving as they did last year. The lack of graces on the part of the crowd was slightly disheartening, but not unexpected.

Just something to work on.. something to think about.

But good show, none the less...


I'd like to announce my interest in becoming a member of the AOH, should any of the current members read this. Let me know what I can do, or how I can help in the least.

I hope your ready

There is nothing like a parade, and nothing like the St. Patrick's Day parade...

attendance was spectacular last year, this year should be even bigger.

This parade is dedicated, as it is every year to those who serve. The Military, the Firefighters/EMS/Police.

I'd like to personally dedicate this parade to the memory of those Irish and Scottish settlers who laid down the roots of Roanoke.

They woulda been proud...


Well I am having no luck

So I will keep trying to upload the podcast, and hopefully have it up and running by tomorrow morning, to get yall ready for the parade.

I'll be there - will you?

Oh, and this year - I should be fairly easy to spot - just look for the Forgotten-Roanoke.com logo.

Home from work..

and still trying to upload the podcast.. its coming, I swear.

Tis' a great day..

I am attempting to put up the podcast, if it doesnt go up before I head to work, it will be up later.. one way or the other..

roanoke.com - Extra stories- Still loving my Dublin

Still loving my Dublin

Outstanding story from Kevin Kitteridge today on his past life as a resident of Dublin, Ireland.

Brings home memories of my own visit there.

Sometime today there will be a podcast, but until that time - I give you Morning Star, one of the finest Celtic Traditional groups we are blessed with today.

*sighs dramatically* I wish SOMEONE would open a Pub downtown, I miss heading to Sunday night seisuns, where the celtic musicians get together an rip out reels and jigs. Take that as a message, OCaens, where ever you are.

Next message: Friday, March 17th 12:30am

There's only one thing that can be said at this point.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day, ya punter.

Up Cork!


Your getting old Vince...

And not aging gracefully.

(in reference to todays article about Vince Neil cancelling a planned after-show event at Awful Arthurs)

15 years ago, when you were the bee's knees Vince we might have believed you. Felt bad for your suffering and lamented our missed opportunity. But you pulled this same stunt so many times in your glory days that we are all wise to you now. We heard the news, took a moment to consider it, got our money back, and partied without you.

Then again, those of us in the know found it awfully odd that you would annouce where you were going post-show anyway.

Ahh, the life of a middle-aged rockstar. You always seem to miss the really good parties.


Oh - heres an interesting find.

While walking around downtown in the past few days, I noticed an absence of cars from a certain parking lot. Then I noticed concrete barricades at the entrances to that parking lot. Well, almost all the entrances.. there is one unguarded, and a few brave cars managed to herd themselves onto the lot.

This lot, which just last weekend was packed full of cars, is now vacant.

I was thinking, well - it must be getting near time for that groundbreaking.

Apparently I thought wrong.

"According to Landolt, parade planners were told construction of the new
Art Museum of Western Virginia would be under way, and they didn't want
to run into any last-minute problems." - 5 Things to know. RT - IO section.

Hmm.. ok - nevermind then. My bad.

Hey, the Overlord has an idea.

Here we are, ensconced in the 21st century. Living with some of the awe-inspiring inventions and developments seen at past World's Fairs. Robots, wireless telephones, cars that can tell you where you are going and how you are to get there.

And yet, where is the wonder which spawned all these advancements? Where are the innovators of today? And where are the World's Fairs now? The US has not hosted one since 1984, when it was held in New Orleans. And to be honest, does anyone care?

found the website of the folks who run the World's Fair. It lists the dates up until 2020, and who is hosting it. Past 2012, there are no hosts listed. Bids are open.

Which gives me wonder. Serious wonder.

Think it would be possible to get the World's Fair to Roanoke? It would require a heavy commitment (regionally) to improving the roads, expanding the airport, preserving lands and building anew.

Just the act of putting in a bid would rattle the town and bring it to national and international attention. Im sure VT would want in on the deal as well.

Did you even realize there was one in 2005? Over in Japan - 18 million people visited it. There is even precedent for using existing structures (set in 2000) rather than build insanely. Even the "failed" New Orleans expo of 1984 had over 7 million attending. Knoxville and Spokane have both hosted, and neither is a mega-city.

Again, just submitting a bid for it would be a boost to Roanoke, and should we fail to secure the Fair - it's still a winning proposition. Hey - Hampton Roads hosted one in 1907, maybe its Roanoke's turn.

As Overlord I will make it my business to fully examine and arrange with the neighboring counties and region in general the possibility of bringing a World's Fair to the Roanoke Valley.

We have the land available - 140 acres of it. And thats just in one location - thats not even mentioning smaller parcels.

Well.. give your Overlord some time to think about this one, theres some numbers that need to be run..

/Vote Overlord, for the future of all mankind.



If I hear one more time that Southwestern Virginia is losing its kids, losing its youth, losing its brainpower - Im gonna scream.

Todays mention of it comes from Roanoke College, and via WDBJ.

Here's how I see this issue: First off, Roanoke is marketed as a retirees haven. A family-friendly community. It is not marketed as a place to start a life, a place to begin a career.

Also, you have to remember this - familiarity breeds contempt. Look around Roanoke right now, and see all the unskilled, uneducated, young workers. Look in the high schools, you have some amazingly smart kids there. So what happens?

Those smart kids look around and only see low paying, low brain jobs - they see the grass as greener just about anywhere else. Especially hurting it is all the whining about how "theres no place for kids to go" and "theres nothig to do." Rather than be proactive, they are whined into inactivity.

These kids need to see that there is, infact, good reason for them to stay. Which means, things have to change. We need to stop whining and start acting, fix the stupid things that make this city look bad. The reason the "promising talent" leaves here is simple. They see no promise. Actually, for those who have lived here for a while - they have seen too many promises, and not enough results.

"We are actively working to attract big companies, with big jobs, and big vacancies."

I'd like to know how and where, because the only things that I am seeing expand lately are retail outlets, which do not provide big jobs unless your lucky enough to become management.

Not to mention you are moving into a stage now where you, as a young graduate now have to compete with 40, 50, 60somethings who are entering the market for a 2nd or 3rd career. Of course, this is happening everywhere. But Roanoke seems highly succeptable to it.

I mean, why are the middle aged men pushing carts at the supermarket? Thats where you started when I was in High School, and eventually you worked your way into the building stocking shelves or working the register. The morning shift at a supermarket (when I was working there, 12 years ago) was older ladies, but the afternoon and evening shift - those were all high school aged kids - getting some work experience for the first time. And these were not summer jobs either. They were part time, 20-30 hours a week. And you got a paycheck.

Theres much more to say on this matter, but unfortunately - my time is limited today. Tomorrow I will delve deeper into the subject.

Let me know if there is anything you think I should touch on, or if you disagree. Thats why I have the little comment thingy.


Right now, not one single school in the entire country is teaching this. It is fact, has proven to be so over time and history.

This man is Nikola Tesla. You might know of him, but you are probably not sure why. You can thank him for nearly every single thing in your life. Including what you are reading this on.

Get to know Nikola Tesla, and get to know real history.

(Tesla has always been somewhat of a hero to me, rare it is these days to find someone who has the slightest idea of what the man was all about.)


The Big Uh-Oh

Andrew Kantor (Roanoke Times/USAToday columnist and journalist and all around ok guy) has a story that nearly defies belief.

Your PIN number is no longer secure.

Yep; read it here.

After some checking around (I asked Mrs. Forgotten-Roanoke) I can say there are no local tales of this as of yet. And with any luck - there won't be. But just the very rumor of such a problem would be enough to cause people to panic.

It's a good article none the less, although I think I speak for the free world when I say "please be wrong..."

Score one for the good guys.

Or Gals.. take your pick..

Warehouse earns place on national landmark list

Now it should be interesting to see what develops over there, personally I always thought the place would make a great location for a microbrew-pub, where they make the beer directly on premises. Usually in the center of the dining room.


Ever wonder how we look to those outside Roanoke?

Roanoke River project prompts criticism from environmentalists

Va. It's been in the works for nearly 40 years and now Roanoke's
65-(m)million-dollar flood control project is causing controversy.

The project got underway last fall. Since then, one section of the Roanoke River's banks has been stripped bare.Proponents
say it will reduce flooding and create a major greenway without harming
the river's habitat. They say beneath the construction zone are the
seeds of a green revolution.Others say the project is chopping down too many trees and jeopardizing the river.The flood control project includes a greenway along the entire ten miles of the Roanoke River within the city limits.It's supposed to help local wildlife. But that's if it doesn't cause serious damage first.Liz Belcher is Roanoke Valley Greenways coordinator.She tells The Roanoke Times ... quote ... "We're happy the greenway is starting, but at what cost?"

Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Not too good huh? Sometimes you gotta pick your battles...

An incentive for you to go out today

There will be no site update as I enjoy the weather.. so if you really want an update, your gonna have to hunt me down.

There will be an update in the next few days, when its raining or something.

Today is just too nice.

From the Looking Back column in todays paper.

"The management of the Roanoke baseball team offer a season ticket, good for a young lady and her escort, who suggests the best name for the Roanoke team."

Some of the names suggested for the Roanoke baseball team included Invincibles, Magicians, The Mountaineers, Big Lickers, Puzzlers and The Kickers.


The Puzzlers? Sounds like the City Council should be playing some ball...