Tom Angleberger's What's on Your Mind?-Margin of error a tricky formula

Tom Angleberger's What's on Your Mind?-Margin of error a tricky formula: "And the same goes for Paris Hilton. In the nanoseconds it takes for the light rays from her sparkly outfits to reach our eyes, she has already bought a new dog, fired a maid and gotten her name in the newspaper again for no good reason."

Do we need a vacation Tom?

You had a great answer going there, on a question about space and how we see the past when we look out into it. Then you go and put Paris Hilton's name in the newspaper for no good reason, exactly as you stated.

Nice going Tom - you just added to her 15+++++ of fame..

Im letting my perfection get the best of me

So Im cancelling todays podcast, as I am unhappy with the quality and choice of backgrounds... I can do better, I will do better - and I will work on it for the rest of today and tonight. Until I get it right..


A really stupid question

What is the purpose of writing on the face of a black granite building with a black marker? Saw a "yout" doing just such a thing today, and had to wonder what the point was? Do your rivals posess some super vision that allows them to see clearly your tag?

And seriously kids, it's called Wild Style, you don't know it - you don't get it - and grafitti is done. It's not cool anymore, besides - the days of glory are over. Unless your tagging deep below the bowels of NYC's subway system - where entire wall support panels in the most ungodly places are covered with a full tag - but no light to see it by, you ain't got nothin.

Rebellion-Lite, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


Apologies for the lack of posting

Life's been busy round these parts lately. But I am still sticking to my schedule.

Tomorrow: Podcast
Sunday/Monday: update to the site, the 2nd part of Henry Gains (for part 1, click here)

And just remember, the overlord is always watching. There are things happening in Roanoke I have not commented on, as of yet. But I will, when the time is right.

There is much that I have been told of by Chef K, who is also rather busy this week (strange how things flare up out of nowhere), that he will be putting up on his blog later this week.

The rumor mill has refocused it's attention off of Marc LaMarre finally, and has moved on to find a new target.

There is so much going on, it hardly seems possible to keep up with it all. But I will make a valliant effort, so stay tuned.

Tomorrow's podcast will contain sections about Henry Street, parts about the downtown business scene, and other random junk - as always.

Im still working out the kinks in layout for the podcast, my background in radio showing through as I attempt to make it seamless and listener-friendly.

A note about Blinko.com: scumbags. I'll have more to say on that later too.



Interesting find today, some of you might allready be aware of this though.

I wasn't, so here it is.

WDBJ7 Blogs

Yes, nearly all the on air personnel at DBJ now have blogs. Even Robin, busy man he is, finds time to blog.

Good reading all around. Of course, with the recent Marc situation, I was a little suprised to find the staff of DBJ commenting on it in the blogs. But it's nice to see it from a newspersons standpoint, the unique view one can only get when it could have been one of your own. How would you handle it?

Beyond that though - it's nice to know Robin, much like the rest of us, has a thing for Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day."

Actually, I'd have to say all the blogs on DBJ I've poked around at all hold some interest. Although Steve Pardon does worry me a touch.. when listing the reasons to read his blog, #3 catches my eye: Most employers frown upon porn and internet gambling- so what else do you have to do at work today?

Ok Steve, compelling arguement.

Looks like I've got some reading to do.. gotta stay up on the competition.



You all remember PBWiki right? Thats where wikiroanoke.pbwiki.com is hosted, free.
Free and simple. Check it out for yourself. The password is right before you, or write before the . and after the wiki.

if you catch my meaning.

PBwiki logo

Fun and free and ultra-useful.

Position Paper #3: Putting an end to it.

Spawned on by current news reports, I am presenting this paper to you, the general public - a blueprint for eliminating crime in Roanoke, and freeing up more money to fight crime.

We have all seen the storys about the crime rate being high in Roanoke, so high infact that we rank 2nd behind Richmond as being a dangerous city. Then follows the news reports of botched robberies at gas stations, narcotics sweeps through Old SW, and other assorted miscreant activites.

I'm calling bunk.

And the City Council's take on it? Well, there really has not been one. With the exception of the alleged gangs moving into Roanoke, the city council has been quiet when it comes to crime. They seem to leave the crime problem to the Roanoke City Police Department - who do a venerable job in protecting and serving. But there's a different approach than being in reaction-mode in respect to crime, drugs, and neighborhood quality of life.

I'd like to introduce you to Jack Maple. Jack was a dyed-in-the-wool cop. He revolutionzed the NYPD, and created a model for Police Departments worldwide.

He argued, correctly I may say, that the root causes of crime were not social - they were criminal. Criminals to be specific. Running the gamut from simple petty offenses to major drug trafficers - Maple had an answer for it. Treat each criminal the same, each crime the same. As a crime, and as we were all taught in school - crime is bad. I firmly believe there is no such thing as a "good" crime, I do believe there are some which are questionable in deed and reason, but a crime is a crime is a crime. Nothing will change the fact that in some way, the law was broken. That is all the police need to know. Let the judges handle the rest.

Maple was notorious for making each and every cop responsible in some way for the crime in his precinct. I believe this is the beginning, accountability. But I would like to extend it beyond the precinct walls. I say we hold every citizen accountable.

Remember - you either own or rent someplace to live. You want it to be a nice place, one you need not worry about. One where you do not have to worry about having your rims stolen, your mailbox blown up (I remember being a kid), your window broken, your house broken into, your corner store robbed....

You want nice things, you have to work for nice things. You want a nice community, you have to work for a nice community.

In other words - if we stop accepting the little things, littering - grafitti - run-down housing - barren lots filled with garbage: The big things will get a bit easier to deal with, in the long run.

It's the same as setting an example. You show that you and your street will not accept a bunch of garbage from people, will not stand for a landlord to keep his property in ruins, you'll see change immediately.

Remember, theres more decent folks than there are criminals everywhere. All you have to do is stand up and prove it. And in this day of the internet, digital cameras, and DIY media - it would be easy to publicize that crack house down the street. Very easy. It would also be easy to call out those lovely absentee landlords. Just keep publicizing, posting flyers, the whole 9 yards. Help the current tennents find more suitable housing. In short, evacuate the property.

This program is an extention of Operation Broken Windows, one which worked extremely well in New York City.

On the Police end, it's even more powerful. Can't catch the dealers selling, but you know who they are? Well - you know what kind of car they drive. Is it running fully legal? Many states have laws against anything hanging from your rear-view mirror. Rarely ever enforced, but it could be. Anything to harass and annoy the dealers out of town. The NYPD instituted an automatic warrant check on anyone being written a ticket, held as a suspect, or found somehow outside the law. It netted more career criminals in one year under Op. Broken Windows than in the previous 3 years.

You could sum up the total point of Op. Broken Windows as "Annoy them, and they will leave."

And yes that does mean everyone would be subject to following the same set of laws. Tinted windows, miscolored lighting on the car (I've seen it), anything that would violate some statute of the law.

Same goes for your housing. If you and your neighbors can band together to keep the block looking nice, it will be tougher on the one duplex that looks like garbage. Especially when you start hitting him with code violations.

I would like to see a PD, a FD, and an EMT living on every street. I propose tax breaks and other incentives for city personnel who want to buy and live in the city.

I also propose a "commuter tax" of sorts, collecting a .35% tax on gross income of those who work, but do not live in the city. That money will be earmarked specifically for projects which affect those who work in the city. Infrastructure upgrades, road maintenance, Police-Fire-EMS, public works basically. Things anyone might need or use.

And for a brief moment, people will be angry. But if you make $100,000, thats only $350 extra in taxes you pay. And you will see absolutely where your money goes. If you figure on average, each person contributing roughly $100 to the budget - Your looking at over $1 million each year for public works projects. That translates to cleaner roads, better paved roads, enhanced lighting and signage. Direct change will be noticeable after the first year of collecting the commuter tax. And for each additional year, any overage that is not used by the end of the fiscal year will be placed in an interest-bearing account and used for projects to better the entire Roanoke Valley. Like a new ampitheatre or stadium or some such thing.

No monies will be spent on single-use projects, and no monies will go to city-only expenditure. This will eliminate from the city budget road construction projects and other similar issues.

Putting an end to the budget shortfalls for infrastructure and modernizing the way the city operates in relation to the surrounding areas. When the City is strong, the region benefits.

And thats what this is all about, putting an end to the pratices of the past. Revamping the structure of the city as a business, and getting on with the city being a city. Putting to rest the quality-of-life issues that have plagued this city for years.
And as for the airport, thats a whole other matter entirely.

Thank you for your time.

Elect me as Overlord, and evolve.


Attention Fans

I had a thought.

Instead of back-ending part 2 of Henry Gains this week, why not stick to my schedule and push it to next weekend?

See, Im trying to create a flow here - a continuum if you will.

So get ready as I drop some hints and such this week about whats to come in the next month on the site. And in just a few short weeks, less than the time it would take you to figure out your taxes in pencil with a defective calculator, Forgotten-Roanoke.com will be 1 year old.

/cue Kenny Rogers - "Through the Years"

Yes Friends, can you look back and remember when: We had public disputes with our sponsors - Michael's Bakery (2 locations to serve you- 338 Church Ave 3336 Williamson Rd. 'For good bakery goods for your home table and parties.'), and then kissed and made up. The time we were arrested by the Feds on Suspicion of Terrorisim, for photographing the antique vault at Mountain Trust Bank of Vinton. And who could forget the time we were held for snooping around the Roanoke NeHi Bottling plant, boy what a turn-around that was when we became officially sponsored by Royal Crown for the summer.

Oh the laughs we had.

Exciting news on the horizon though - We are taking on new sponsorship in '06

Yes Friends - Harris Huddleston are now proud sponsors of the Forgotten-Roanoke team. Thats Harris Huddleston, 'Your complete food market' Conviently located at 119 S. Pollard St. in Downtown Vinton, Harris Huddleston is proud to serve, and serve well.

And we are proud to serve our community as well.


Live, from NY.. its a Blizzard!

Keep your eye on this page, as the are live streaming webcams from the Meadowbrook Parkway (top) and the Belt Parkway at JFK (bottom). If nothing seems to change while your looking - try refreshing.

And then remember, it's kinda nice outside.