The future is now

I'm putting off the New Roanoke post another 24 hours as I want to give you all the chance to check out this new website.


This is the future of news folks, the community-driven media you have heard so much about.

The site is in it's infancy, so give it time. But register now, and start sending in those news tips.

Well - I should say this is one of the futures.

The other one I will not go into much detail about, except to say that yours truly will be very much involved.

The Sentinel is watching already.

The first stab at the heart will strike harder than expected, and will come faster than you realize.

And before you know it, the great all-destroying whale will be humbled. And unable to react.

Did you feel that? The wind just shifted directions...


Careful now


These words may mean something...

"I just hung up the phone and cried, nothings ever going to change down there"...

How many times has this been said?

New Roanoke #5 is on the way. 48 hours, as usual.