I have no explaination

This might be the strangest thing I have e'er seen, short of anything Sid and Marty Kroft did.

No words. Just have your speakers on, and accept my apologies for any ensuing nightmares.


The new deal

Of all the projects in the works, this one is the one I am most looking forward to.

First there was Forgotten-Roanoke, and along with that came Forgotten-Wife and Forgotten-Dogs, and to that list we can now add Forgotten-Baby.

I have 7 months to get the new site perfected, up and running smooth - along with all the other baby-related activities that will be going on.

Wish us luck, and remember - the Sentinel is always watching.

I'll be around as often as I can, but I cannot promise a full working site anytime soon - I will let you know when the rough copy is live though.

Once again, bear with me.. It just got even more interesting.