Anyone got some free time?

The link to the Application for Appointment to the City Council hit the internets today around 3pm.

Got some spare time? I say we flood them with applications - like career day at McDonalds.

Here's the link
- its a pdf so be careful.

Seriously though - think of it, 1000 applications to go through? That would be worth it.

Here's the wind-up...

Well, looks like the Star-Sentinel has finally got it's set of cojones in the mail. In this weeks issue (available online as a pdf) Stuart Revercomb (subject of not a few comments for some reason) lays out the timeline for the Dowe-based Scandal...

Not only did Harris know nearly the second the FOIA request was made, but the Times waited over 3 weeks to run the story after they received all the information back. You know, after the Dem primaries.

SO, doing a little extrapolative thinking here - and judging by the timing of certain stories that co-broke with the Dowe thing.. I'm going to lay this out.

1. On Dec. 19th, the VMT received it's report on how lousy it is. Anyone even remotely associated with the VMT knows that, and knows the potential it holds is 100 times greater than what it is now. Bev knows it, but the city part-owns it...

2. Jan. 28th, the Roanoke Times files it's FOIA (still no given reason as to why), 2 days later, the results of the search were handed back to the Times and all 7 council members. Harris knows.

3. Feb 9th. The City Democratic "Firehouse" popularity contest. The shake-out begins. Fitz is cast aside for someone younger and with more real-estate ties.

4. Feb. 21st. The Roanoke Times and Star-Sentinel both run headlines as the Dowe story finally breaks. In it's 2/29 edition, the editor of the Star-Sentinel documents the entire 3 week process.

5. Feb. 23rd. Dowe resigns, after a 90 minute chit-chat with Harris over his kitchen table. Light tea-sipping reported.. along with much knitting of brows.

6. Feb. 26th. Report surfaces about the VMT's problems. The same report which was handed over on Dec. 19th, that even the museum's own blog reported on (12/26) which was the follow up to a scathing report a few days earlier that got Fitz and co. in trouble. So how this report was missed a few days earlier, or a few MONTHS earlier - well, it's beyond me. Unless it was timed to try and take the heat off someone, there's no valid reason to try and make this an issue now.

7. March 3rd. Now it comes down to this - the city council meets to accept Dowe's resignation, and figure out a way out. I'm going to start taking names and figuring out odds here.. so if you have anyone you want on the list - let me know.

Possible Fill-Ins: Bill Bestpitch (10-1), Bev Fitz (100-1), Stu Revercomb (50-1).. Me (1000-1)

Anyone else?

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Ahh crud.

Pardon my french, but WTF? The State Code trumps the City Charter? How does that work? Is this one of those stupid power plays between state and local govt.?

Well - this does change things drastically, now Harris and Co. have to be very careful who they choose. Talk about Russian Roulette.. I would not envy them right about now.

Everyone is going to watch who they choose, and think about the 27 months Harris and Co. will have to run the city the way they want.

Danger.... Danger Will Robinson.

So now the question is - the screw will turn, but for who? Us the citizens, or they the council?

Chatbox on and off tonight.



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The beat goes on....

3 dates now. 3 possible dates for the election.

Heres the question now, as I see it. Now that we know Dowe's *recent* dirty deeds, Harris' lack of enthusiasm for keeping his Councilmates in line, the entire council's (Wishneff not included) want for more downtown living space (to the tune of $880,000 non-imaginary dollars) and apparent limited vision for a certain amphitheater location (soon to be the next Berglund Nation location).

So - 17 comments, whats left to say? We don't trust Harris, we don't like the state of the city, oddly enough - no one has said anything about Darlene, and what are we doing about it? Who else can we vote for?

Will the slate of independents actually step forward this Friday as they say they will?

Will it be more of the same, or a past crop of losers?

Discuss.. here, and in the Meebo Chatbox .