What is youth?

I have to wonder, with all the talk of Young Professionals and Youth Groups and whatnot - exactly where does that line fall. By some, the range is 21-40 - and others limit it to 19-35. But the City launched a new video to "sell" Roanoke to the outside world.

2 impressions I am left with after watching it: 1 - it's very 'old', and does not perk my youthful interests. 2 - The video gives plenty of reasons to come here, but no incentives to actually LIVE in the city. The things the video shows are accessible to anyone in the Valley - not just those who live in the city of.

Here's the Vid. Any observations?


Sometimes it's good to be wrong

Well, thankfully we dodged that bullet. Alvin Nash will be the Dowe-placement for the next 2 years.

How many citizens really cared? Not many as far as I could tell.

I hope Mr. Nash can do a better job than the current pit of Vipers. From what I understand, he's a pretty decent and reliable guy, but once the vipers fang you..

Good luck Mr. Nash. Here's hoping all goes well for you.

My prediction

Cutler will get the seat. Valley Forward will get the "Community Center", and we will get the shaft.

Let's see what happens.