Exactly what I meant.

Remember how I said I would be on hiatus until the 2nd, unless something really stupid happened?

Here it is.

Read on, go ahead. I don't think I really need to say much more about this. I mean - makes us look like gold once again.


Ladies and Gentleman, there will be a slight delay.

The Forgotten-Roanoke family is proud to announce the arrival of PVC.

PVC is the first child for the Forgotten-Family, and came into the world claws out. Obviously he shares his dad's sensibilities. But thankfully, he shares his calm, zen-like state with his mother. He is not a pit bull, yet.

Coming in at a respectable 7lbs, 7oz. and 19 3/4ths inches long - he's a cruiser weight baby.

All is well, mother and child are fine. Father is undergoing therapy for being present at the birth, and cutting the cord. Deep therapy. Actually, he has a prescription for a 4 pack of Guinness. We are just hoping he stops mumbling and drooling soon.

We will take a pause for the Holidays, and barring any unusual news in Roanoke - will return shortly after the first of the year.

Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Chanukkah, Enjoyable Kwanza, and a hearty Festivus for those who watch too much tv and refer to pop-culture references far too much.

We'll be back.