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There will be no podcast this week as Forgotten Roanoke revamps the podcast format yet again. Im getting picky in my old age.

But I have to wonder, with the start we had to Thanksgiving (snow, cold... ) will this Christmas be the one that we will all look back on and remember?

The one with the perfect snow, the perfect temperature, and the perfect glorious sunrise on Christmas Morn?

The Farmer's Almanac has snow mere hours before Christmas, but none on Christmas itself. But then again, it did not predict any snow on the day before Thanskgiving either.

Allready this year has proven itself to be unusual. Think back to January, does anyone remember the winter wonderland we all woke up to on the 21st?

Snow hanging off the boughs? Covering everything but the roads?

You don't get much more magical.

And just the next day, when it started snowing again - only this time it stuck to the roads.

The Ice storm on the 29th?

And that was just January.

Then in February, the temp shot up to 60. I remember it being extremely cold in December, cold and stark.

But November last year was a lark. I got married outdoors last November, thats how nice it was. Allright, so it rained a little.

But last winter did not really show itself until January, this one is allready doing introductions in November.

I realize Q99 is playing exclusively Christmas songs (with the exception of the Hokies song, I have no idea what the name was -but god was it awful.) and every store you go in is doing the same. Yes, you will most likely be sick of it before the season is over. But I'd like to make a reccomendation: Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Specifically the "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" album.

You all know a few of the songs from it, but the album as a whole is a soundtrack. I hesitate to use the words Rock Opera, but its the closest thing to opera your going to get with electric guitars.

When they go on tour, they have 2 touring groups - east and west - due to both the popularity of the band, and the complications of attempting to hit multiple cities in a short time span with a full orchestra, full rock band, and full choir.

Yeah - you read that right.

If/when you get "Christmas Eve..." please do not get in your car for a trip to the supermarket and just throw it on. I ask that you sit and listen all the way through, read the libretto. Get yourself a cup of coffee, position yourself by a window, and listen to the entire album.

I guess if pressed, one could classify it as Street-level Christmas as Art. Whereas things like "It's a Wonderful Life." and "Miracle on 34th St." are full of lofty ideals and high hopes. "Christmas Eve..." has one hope, one ideal - being together on Christmas. And by the end of the album, you'll see that clearer than you ever expected.

Then again, its just my sense of overdramatic presenations that holds the dream of seeing them perform with the RSO outside the city market (yes, close down Campbell - the stage would take up the street and the parking lot) during Dickens of a Christmas.

Hey, it could happen.

I personally think Elmwood park too small to hold it. Other possible locations: The parking lot where the AMWV will eventually re-break ground. The backdrop of Roanoke, and the scruffy buildings along Salem would play perfectly. As would the parking lot for the Museum of Transportation.

To hear the strings and guitar carried on the wind halfway across town....

Well, I guess they could do it on Mill Moutain, but parking would be hell.

But regardless - pick up the album. Theres a warmth there, a feeling of home. Moments to celebrate, and ones to pause for reflection.

"Old City Bar"
And a child came inside
That no one in the bar
Had seen there before

And he asked did we know
That outside in the snow
That someone was lost
Standing outside our door

Then the bartender gazed
Through the smoke and the haze

Through the window and ice
To a corner streetlight

Where standing alone
By a broken pay phone
Was a girl the child said
Could no longer get home

And the snow it was falling
The neon was calling
The bartender turned
And said , not that I care
But how would you know this?
The child said I've noticed
If one could be home
They'd be all ready there

Are you home yet? Or still on your way?

Just a retorical question for you.. Happy Holidays, From Forgotten-Roanoke


Happy Thanksgiving

If you eat too much turkey & all the rest.. just remember: Forget TUMS, or even Alka-seltzer... Call on SUPERGROVER!


It's happening...

And its too late to stop it.

Thanksgiving is mere hours away now. Which means Christmas Eve is 31 days off right now. That came quick, huh?

As of yesterday, downtown has been swagged, glitzed, and wreathed for the holidays.

Snow is allready capping the mountains in the distance, the air has that bite one only finds near the holidays. Flakes have decended upon Roanoke, especially last night when they flew like mad.

The magic is beginning. Roanoke is stepping back in time, as it always does for the holidays. It becomes a place of wonder, a place of cheer. Walking around the market, with the PA system putting holiday music on the wind.

The History Museum at Center in the Square will be displaying the "Fantasyland" exhibit as they do every year. Maybe this year I will get to see it. The tree lighting at Wachovia Plaza, the Dog Parade (poor things, having to dress up... ), the whole Dickens of a Christmas thing itself.

Oh, what will I be doing this weekend?
A little of this and that.

And yes, the Pilgrims DID have popcorn, toast, and ice cream sundaes. The pretzel sticks we are still unsure about.

More to come.. as always.


Yeah - thats what you think it is.

It aint dandruff folks.. its snow. Posted by Picasa

News from The Roanoke Times -Zoning issue packs council

Pay close attention to this one folks, this could define the future of Roanoke for decades to come.

Also, new additions to the event calender at Roanoke Marketplace

To quote Steve Martin....

What the hell IS that? Is it?
Oh yeah, it is..
Summers over, falls gone.. welcome to winter folks.

Please have your tires checked for tread and rotated, keep your tires properly inflated and have your coolant and oil checked.

Cuz Im tired of seeing stupid accidents everywhere.

Oh yeah, that reminds me.. 32 days left till Christmas Eve.

The Roanoke Times: Timescast

The Roanoke Times: Timescast

Well now this is different. It arrived anonymously in my inbox this morning. A link from a long-time lurker. Hosted by Patrick Beeson, of the Times - its a news wrap-up and look-ahead for the Roanoke Times. Apparently a new one will appear daily at 3:30p.

Although Ive seen no obvious links to this on the homepage, I like it. Let me remind the Times photography staff that those digital cameras usually also have a video setting, so we can do something other than use static images panned on the screen for effect.

This reminds me of my early days in radio - back at Nassau Community College in NY. Little rough around the edges, but shows promise. This could be a great way to scoop the networks (SLS/DBJ) with stories, and get people looking ahead to the stories of the following day.

Thats the problem with print media these days - people are now used to getting the news instantly, print is still at least 12 hours old. Worse in some cases when the Times has reported on a story 3 days after its been a story. But this Timescast could bridge that gap. I don't know how many they have done so far, but this shows alot of promise. Although Im sure someone has a laptop they can use instead of having Patrick standing there with a script.

Good use of technology though.. especially with the relevant links appearing to the right of the screen.

Although, on a personal note: Patrick, your collars crooked.

And please, leave the wry, witty remarks to the sports guy from SLS who can't keep his mouth shut.

Report, impart, inform, and educate. Thats what people want from the newspaper.

All in all.. Good job.

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News from The Roanoke Times -Landlords put on the spot with new code

Allright - I don't usually laugh at City Council Meeting stories - but this one is hysterical, if only for the exchange between Darlene and Rupert: "Councilman Rupert Cutler noted that such tactics only move the problem around.

But if you cause people to move enough, they may get fed up and leave the area altogether, Burcham said."

I wonder if Rupert responded "Oh, yeah.. duhhhh." to that statement.

I kinda thought that was the whole point of Operation Broken Windows, you remember - the city had a whole meeting on that last month. Get them to leave. They have had enough time to change, now its time to box them up and ship them to Abu Dhabi or someplace like that.

But tearing down the house... thats downright hysterical. Nice to see that Roanoke is willing to bulldoze the crap outta a place to get rid of the scum element. Thats dedication. And then they bill you for it, just to rub lemon juice in the wounds.



Let slip the dogs of winter

Now look what you've done. You let the dogs out.. you.. you you you..

/reboot brain

Kev, you rock...

Well now

How about this lovely weather folks.

Sorry about the light posting, but you were warned that as things progress in the HQ process, at times - posting would be light.

Plus with todays lovely weather, Im highly unmotivated.

Oh I have things to say, rest assured - I just am lacking the want to say them right now.

If I can find the motivation today, I'll be back - if not. I'll be back anyway.