A few loose ends

I know I know.. I have been lax in executing my duties here. I swear it's with good cause (causes including preparing for an arrival in Jan, which takes precedence over nearly everything else). But rest assured I have been working behind-the-scenes.

The body may stop, but the brain rattles on folks.

First question - Is there any way we can get involved in a 3 way trade for City Managers? Nothing personal, uh.. Hillary Burcham, but seriously. It's time to retire and leave the game to someone more willing to play ball and actually FOLLOW the job description. You are not CEO (despite your self-adornment with that title), you are merely an administrator. But I guess this is what comes of leaving a Human Resources administrator in a role for too long. We are getting a touch laughable at this point - now aren't we?

That is not to say the city is one big steaming hot cup of FAIL lately. By far, the best thing to hit this city in a long time is one example of how the city can partner properly with an outside agency.

(point 2)The Greenways. Specifically, the new one nearing completion along the SE stretch of the Roanoke River. It took being out today, in the warm midday sun and standing overlooking the shallow Roanoke River, then up at the changing leaves on the mountains and hills, to really get it.
I considered it to be just another greenway. But when I realized I can walk (you remember how to do that right?) from SE to SoRo in less than an hour (River's Edge to Wasena Park takes roughly the same amount, at a speedy amble) I was convinced. An evening stroll along the river.. especially in the fall. Not that you could not do that before - but it was a bit more difficult and buggy.

Now what I would really like to see is a use put to the bench cut on the opposite side of the river. A mile long park perhaps, only a few hundred feet wide - but open to the public. Maybe another low-water bridge to stroll over from one side to the other. Or perhaps using the space for something.

(topic 3) Something is a great label for the Art Museum. Recently I had family in town, and the first remark on the design of the building (from someone who appreciates both modern and classical design) was "Oh no."

That's right. "Oh no."

If only we could attract thousands of visitors here so they too could say "Oh no." Wait, maybe thats why it looks like it does! Everyone loves looking at a car wreck, not that anyone would admit it, but everyone looks over when we see an accident on the side of the road. So that must have been the idea all along. Pity. Pity this poor city, to have such a tragic museum jutting like a shard of glass from it's face. Shame. *tsk*

Moving on to more pleasing-to-the-eye items. Hawks! We gots HAWKS!

Oh - but the male's a biggun.. When I get the photos I shall post them, but for anyone on Evan's Mill yesterday around 3-3:30pm.. if you didn't see it you were not looking. Right next to the Consultants in Cardiology parking garage entrance - big hawk. Real big. Eating.. something... bloody with feathers.

Amazing animal, and right there at ground level. Like I said - as soon as I get one of the photos I'll post it.

Oh, and stupid (pseudo-)gang violence in Southeast, but don't worry. What happens in Southeast will be dealt with BY Southeast. Can OSW use the hook they have with the city to pass a law stating that all miscreants and thugs must be appropriate to the history of the area in both look and speech? Make the thugs wear wool pants and jackets with ugly hats, and see how long it takes before they move on.

I wonder what a 21st century thug would think of a late 19th century one? And how fast he would find out about laughing at a 19th century thug.

There's an idea! Let's get the City Council to dress like 19th century thugs! They are fast becoming little more than that anyway. Oh look - I just received the next Council agenda... be back later folks.

Oh - 2 more things.

1. Roanoke Game Fest For those of you so inclined to sit around and snipe at things (hey.. wait - nevermind) this sounds pretty promising.

And B. Anyone seen whats happening out at Towers lately? Pretty soon, the way things are going - it will be Fresh Market and Kroger, and no one else.

3 stores down... who is next?


From high atop a windy mountain, it waits

It watches. Always vigilant, always seeking...

The Sentinel awaits.

But not for much longer.