Breaking news: RVAR selects it's ticket

This just in:

The Roanoke Valley Association of Realtors has concluded it's interview and determination sessions - and selected Lea, Price, and Rosen as it's choices for City Council.

Add to this Dr. Cutler's assured hand-over of the Dowe seat, and it speaks to being screwed by the business sector.

Cutler should have never put his name in for Council (if he did to begin with - the man seems to get many things without asking), as now someone is going to have to reveal all the conflicts of interest the candidates for all open positions are rife with.

Rosen, Lea, Price, Harris. Does any one of them seem trustworthy enough to be YOUR elected official?

You might think differently soon enough.

Sorry I have been away so long, but sometimes life comes before public service. But never forget, I'm more motivated than before.

2010 is not that far off. And yes, I am the first announced candidate.


Easter dawn

Looks like another beautiful day in the valley. Too bad this week can't be the same.

You'll see.

But for now, enjoy this little quiet day, and take the time to reflect.