Friday Night Dance Party!

A one shot deal, as I found a video for a song I had forgotten about.


Only one thing I can tell you right now

Nico's got brains..


What did I say about having a website when your a restaurant?

My prediction?

It's going to snow.


We will not die, nor run out of eggs/milk/bread.

Gut feeling is telling me we could see a touch over the 3-4" being claimed by most meteorologistas, but 6" is not going to happen.

Make your own assessments from there.

Be back later, in the thick of things.


Some information

Via my good buddy Stuart:

MyRetailRoanoke.com - In an effort to address the needs of the

population and increase the quality of life of residents and
visitors, a

program to aggressively seek and attract retailers to Roanoke
will be

rolled out on February 6. The City of Roanoke will announce a

Web-based program, MyRetailRoanoke.com, to assist in economic

efforts focused on attracting new retailers and service providers

Roanoke. Join Roanoke Mayor Nelson Harris and City Manager Darlene

on February 6 at 11 a.m. at Valley View Mall's Marble Court on the

floors adjacent to JC Penney. We encourage all local bloggers to

Don't hit the website yet, it's not up and running - I'll let you know when it is.

I just might, juuuuusssstttt might attend. You?


Another day, another breeze, another POD

Yes friends, time to sit back and relax and enjoy another podcast - courtesy of Miller High Life.

Todays pod includes: inequality in pay for jobs, reminder of the upcoming city council elections, a very short word on Thursdays nightmare weather (again), and all of the warm fuzzy love you've come to expect from us here at Roanoke Found...

(multiple personalities not included)


Defined: Cooping

v. cooped, coop·ing, coops
v.tr.To confine in or as if in a coop. Often used with up.

v.intr. Informal
To sleep or shirk in a parked patrol car while on duty. Used of a police officer.

Now I'm not saying nothing about anything here.. but I've seen some cooping in my day, and I'm still seeing some cooping.

Protect and Serve, right?

That's one well guarded city park parking lot then.

So when do I get my Belly Bomber?

Krystal is open in Salem, with people camped out overnight in SUBZERO wind-chills waiting to be one of the first lucky people to get some square burgers.

Square burgers?

http://chattablogs.com/mesh/krystal.bmp Yep, those look good and square to me.

Of course, this had me thinking about my own square burger, one both beloved and reviled - a hunk of pop culture and a doctor's nightmare.

http://www.whitecastle.com/_assets/images/food/menu/hamburger_lg.jpgThe White Castle Belly Bomber.

5 Holes in the meat, and no one knows the significance of why 5 exactly.

I'll give Krystal a try one day, but if the meat don't have holes - then I'm going to continue to wait patiently for my Gut Buster.