So when do I get my Belly Bomber?

Krystal is open in Salem, with people camped out overnight in SUBZERO wind-chills waiting to be one of the first lucky people to get some square burgers.

Square burgers?

http://chattablogs.com/mesh/krystal.bmp Yep, those look good and square to me.

Of course, this had me thinking about my own square burger, one both beloved and reviled - a hunk of pop culture and a doctor's nightmare.

http://www.whitecastle.com/_assets/images/food/menu/hamburger_lg.jpgThe White Castle Belly Bomber.

5 Holes in the meat, and no one knows the significance of why 5 exactly.

I'll give Krystal a try one day, but if the meat don't have holes - then I'm going to continue to wait patiently for my Gut Buster.

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Ms. Elenaeous said...

Hey I thought about White Castle as soon as I saw those burgers too! Although they were a good hangover nurser I would never camp out overnight to get them...