well slap my ass and call me a liar

At the end of Campbell II, I stated that I was going to have Part III (revenge of the street) up by Friday.

Whoops. I guess I lied or something.

Ive got to come up with a schedule, simple and easy to keep track of for both me and you.

See, now had it not been for me working mornings, I could probably get more done, but I had to take the month of mornings. I like getting up mornings before anyone, but I dont like the people who "get up with me."

But thats personal, and for another day..



roanoke.com: Southwest Virginia starts here - after 5#more#more#more

roanoke.com: Southwest Virginia starts here - after 5#more#more#more

Note to the Roanoke Times staff and Editors:


You know the ones, the "more news" section, down beneath the Real Estate stuff.

I dont know if you folks have coke bottle lenses in your glasses, but I dont - Im not nearly blind enough. But even with my glasses - I cant read the tiny tiny headlines.

Its annoying.


Another piece on the Pope

Now, Im not trying to harp on a theme here. But I have to admit - some of the writing Im seeing since the announcement of the new Pope, its got more soul to it than Ive seen in a long time. It seems as if Pope JPII's death might have sparked a renewal of faith in some people. I know Ive been thinking about it more since, but I had also been having thoughts about it for a few months now.

You know, simple stuff - having a family bible; what ever happened to that rosary I had as a kid... That kinda stuff. But this was an insightful article that - hell, its interesting. I got the link off of http://www.drudgereport.com, so you might have seen it allready.

But it does put things in a new perspective.

Anyway - more to come later, when blogger starts behaving itself.




I need a nap

cant argue with that

So said The New Pope:
Christianity is not "our" work; it is a Revelation; it is a message that has been consigned to us, and we have no right to reconstruct it as we like or choose.


So much to say, but I dont want to jump the gun

Pope Benedict XVI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So we've got a new pope - a 78 year old ex-Hitler Youth (he didnt have a choice, it was manditory), ex-Nazi Anti-aircraft & Anti-Tank soldier, and a Deserter of the Nazi Army.

Jee - What a bad man he must be. To give up so easily on something you were hijacked into, didnt want to be a part of. Lord, how do we wind up with suck losers. Another quitter.

Yeah, I know I know - he's been with the church since 1947, but hell - what does that prove? He still quit the army.

Yeah - Im being silly. My allergies are making my head thick. I do have lots of well reasoned, rational thoughts about this - and Im really interested in Pope Bennie. I think this might be a good thing.

If not - its not going to be a bad thing - they'll just label him heretic, and boom - time for a new pope.

I need to lay down.. otherwise my head might explode from all the deep thinking.

LILEKS (James) :: The Bleat

LILEKS (James) :: The Bleat: " but it belongs to the here and the now in a way the glowering melted Walker cube doesn�t. The Walker is all about breaking tradition, not building a new one; it�s unmoored to its place and its period and its people. Which for some is an absolute plus, I suppose. "

Boy - I could say that about the Art Museum and Solar Reflector


We are not the only ones going through it

James Lileks: Take the new Walker -- please!

Apparently, Minneapolis is having its own problem with a Solar Reflector disguising itself as an ugly art museum.

Oh - and on a personal note, IM IRKED at the Times for not including ONE quote by me on the story about the reaction to the art museum.

"I think its crap" makes it, but "The Art Museum And Solar Reflector of Southwestern Virginia" doesnt???

*shakes fist*

More after work...


Boy am I tired.

Yep.. excitement personafied is here once again to brighten your day.

Yeah, anyway.

I got a great picture of the 1930 fire at the Ponce De Leon hotel from the folks over at http://www.roanokefirefighters.blogspot.com/. I will have it up on the site later this week after I resize it, and see about correcting the color (well b&w, but you know what I mean). Race is on.. Im a Biffle/Robby Gordon guy myself.

Yeah - Im having a mixed emotions day. Im gonna try and get another page together for Forgotten-Roanoke, but Im off Tuesday and Wensday this week - so you can check back, but I probably wont publish it till Tuesday. Of course Ive said that before and done it an hour later, so view at your own risk.

Im still looking for feedback on the site - layout and such. Ideas welcome for anything. Also if anyone has a lead on some piece of history thats still around, my ears are open.

Thats all for now.. TTFN

Oh - and dont forget.. I have a comments link on here - feel free to use it.