Unisys Weather: Enhanced Infrared Satellite Image

Unisys Weather: Enhanced Infrared Satellite Image

Allright, I'll say it. Im no better than a dopey palm reader.

I said, Cat 3 at best for landfall, and South of Houston - from Freeport to Corpus Christi.

Im half right.

But I htink we all learned what happens when an eye collapses in on itself.

And as I type this, the latest on Rita: She's a Cat 2.
NOLA is nearly out of the rain.

Now we shall see how long it lasts on shore.


I recently had chance to really examine the old burnt-out Railroad station, and how much has changed in the years since the last interior photo was taken. We are losing time on salvaging anything off this chunk of history. I have a recurring dream of taking a metal detector to sites like this, but with the overgrowth in the station - I would need a can of Napalm to clear out the vegetation first. *sigh* Posted by Picasa

pbwiki - wikiroanoke: FrontPage

pbwiki - wikiroanoke: FrontPage

just incase you forgot, its still there. And I changed the password, so the new password (easier to remeber) is Roanoke.


Google Wi-Fi Would Have a Big Impact

Google Wi-Fi Would Have a Big Impact

Opinion: If Google does offer free wireless Internet access, it could change the political, social and economic fabric of the country. And that's not a bad thing.

This article says everything I want to say about Google, but usually get too excited to say properly.

THIS however scares the living heck outta me. I still shudder when I see AOL.

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roanoke.com - Weather Index - Katrina already an also-ran as Rita roars

roanoke.com - Weather Index - Katrina already an also-ran as Rita roars

Allright, I'll be honest. Im sick of this nonsense. Im tired of hearing about hurricanes, devistation, oil rigs in danger.

I think part of it is due to the media overhyping it, ramming it down our throats. Yes, we all knew NO was in deep trouble - just report it and move on. The saturation coverage gets to the point where you can live 2000 miles away from the scene, and still think if you go outside you'll see the world ending. Why? Because for the past 2 days the only thing you have seen is Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel spitting in the wind and talking about projected damage estimates.

Shut up.

It used to be that they did not really start to freak until the first bands crossed land. Especially given the fickle nature of hurricane (as Kevin Myatt points out in this column), they waited until it was 100% assured that it was going where they thought it would go before they spazzed. Then you got the wall to wall coverage until it ended. But now its worse than sweeps week on NBC, it seems endless.

Im suprised theyre not yelling about Hurricane Phillipe offshore of the East Coast and heading out to sea. Maybe its causing carnage in the Krill population? Are there homeless Krill? Have whales resorted to looting for basic whale needs?

And one other point about hurricanes, especially ones of this size. They suck up water, heavily. Then drop it, just as heavily. And in the meantime - that water is suspended in clouds - and as we all know, clouds are cold. Really cold. So each major storm that passes through the gulf cools it more, adds more cold water to the worlds oceans.

My guess? (based on years of watching such things, some meteorolgy classes back in college, and intensive personal study) Landfall somewhere between Freeport at the north, and Corpus Christi at the south, Weak 4 or strong to mid 3 at landfall. Dying out quickly, quicker than expected actually. Texas is extremely dry and hot right now (as Kevin said) and you can see the large mass of dry air in that general area on this radar loop.

Actually there is a large wave of feedback from Rita's winds that could bring the storm crashing down in scale. If it can hold together with enough power, this curl will act like a axe and slice deep into Rita's moisture. Thats the Hurricane Killer right now, everything else is a weakener.

Plus - the Texas gulf-coast has more shelf under the water than the LA gulf coast, that also will limit the amount of pull it has on the water below (provided it did not stop off and top up the tank before it headed out).

All in all, Shut UP TV people - your incessant reminders of death ("We expects deaths in this storm due to the flooding, so if your area is flooding..." - Idiot on the Weather channel, last year in regards to some storm on its way up to the Roanoke area) and destruction are not at all helpful to those trapped in the storm. After the first 24 hours you report it, people are just watching the pretty pictures.

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Ok. Allright, Im trying to figure this out.

The news is now easily broken down into a popularity contest?

Is this for those out there who feel left out at the watercooler? Now they too can read the same stories everyone else is reading, instead of reading those 'other' stories?

Im just trying to figure it out, but it aint workin.

Seriously now.



Google Secure Access: Frequently Asked Questions

Google Secure Access: Frequently Asked Questions

All Hail Google! Although I wish I did not live so far from San Francisco. This is the first Google tool rolled out that the general population has not been able to use. Well - not totally. If you have a wifi connection, you can still use the Secure Access program, however, the true Google WiFi is in San Fran for right now. Although expect that to change quickly. Google is buying up unlit fiber optic cables, and partnering with power companies to provide broadband over electric lines.

All Google needs to do is get with a computer company and a cell phone company to develop a portable, affordable pocket PC, and well, Merry Christmas!

Im tellin ya, exciting times.

Roanoke.com: We have no idea what your talking about...

Oh man, there is no safe place to start today. I haven't gotten past the front page and allready I have 2 asinine stories. Too bad Im working today, and slept in late which means yall gonna have to wait till later.

Oh, I will give you this much. A few rules for the Roanoke Times in the future: 1) Never talk to a realtor about real estate. 2) Always check your links when you upload the new days stuff. 3) Cats do pose a risk to humans, although I guess you would have to watch "When Pets Attack", "America's Funniest Home Videos", and other low programming to know this.



begin the beguine

There, just like I said I would. Nice and neat and timely.


Go look.. you go now. Go. Bye.


Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

When your desktop weather forecaster says "Mostly sunny, and delightful," you know it's gonna be nice.

The H&C Coffee sign goes back to the sky today, atop the Hotel Shenandoah. The Hokies committed justifiable homicide in their home opener against Ohio, 45-0. Thanks for showing up though Ohio. You gave us a chance to show that the final score against Duke was not a fluke (Duke Sucks!).

Otherwise, all around a pretty good weekend as things go. Oh right, I have to work today. Which means the expected update to Forgotten-Roanoke.com will not come until Tomorrow, when I am off.

I know I've been putting this off for a while now, I've just had alot on my plate lately. No excuses I know, but still. It should be a good one though when it does go up. I think you might actually enjoy it.

This weekend marks the Harvest Moon, which means you can begin the countdown to Autumn. 4 days away! And for you panicky types - 2349 Hours till Christmas.

43 days to Halloween. 66 days to Thanksgiving. 103 days till we give 2005 the boot, and hope that 2006 is not quite as messy.

So now you've all been caught up to speed.

Oh - one more side note, I know you all grab recipes wherever you can. Foodnetwork.com, cooks.com, and et. al. But I had to share with you my latest discovery.

recipezaar.com One of the best resources I've found yet. Not only do you have recipes, but for some you even have photos of the final product. User reviews, conversions, notations. You can even build and publish your own cookbook.

Just something I found. Enjoy.