The big set-up

Pity Carlton Ban... uhh. Alfred Dowe, useful idiot of the For the City group.

He delivered the NorthWest vote - got Harris the slate he wanted, and got the boot.

And due to past problems, there is no recourse for Dowe.

It seemed like each time I wanted to post something this week, the words would start coming and something else would happen.

Something incredibly stupid.

Like? Well....

The Week in Review:

Monday: Valerie Garner announces run for Council, as an Indie. Kudos, I wish her the best of luck. Otherwise - it was a holiday, so things were quiet.

Tuesday: Wishneff shows he has a spine, or at the very least some sense - and walks out of closed door meetings which directly affect the way our money is spent. This was about the Amphitheater. Then the City Council voted to give the developers of the Hancock Building (The Grand Building) $880,000 in small, unmarked bills so long as they promise to never go condo. Whose money?

Wednesday: Dowe is a bad man. Spending that much.. Harris said so, because Darlene said so, because the accountants told them so. Then the Times told us all so.. So?

Later Weds: Harris announces that he is directing someone else to audit the council. And Hackworth and Moon to review things. Very important stuff for the 'mayor' to do.

Thursday: we find out the details on most of these things, thanks to the Roanoke Times and the FOIA. Seems Wishneff is one cheap man, having only spent $123.60 on the city's dime.

Friday: A quiet day, at least it appears so.

Saturday: Dowe, with hat in hand, submits his letter of resignation - just as I predicted when the story broke. Of course, because of the speed of this news, and those that needed to be consulted, dirt that needed to be gathered.. I didn't get a chance to post that prediction. But take my word for it. Ask anyone at work or at home, they will tell you.

So.. now we are going to be dealing with a "special election" to fill the seat of a useful idiot. Anyone have any guesses who that might be?

But still, it's a really crappy way to go out - shafted and set up by your "friends."


Makes me wanna holler, throw up both my hands....

Sorry I've been away on bidness - but seriously.. considering the news today maybe I should have been.

I'll have much more to say later, look for a good - some might even say decent, post by Friday.

And kudos to Valerie Garner, hopefully when I enter the race (and I will, just not this go-round) I'll get some kudos from her.

Yes, dear fans - I will not be announcing this go-round. Obligations and responsibilities prevent me from being the belligerent candidate you know I can be.

Next time, however...

I wonder if there is a precedent for someone announcing over 2 years in advance? Oh well, don't think about it for now. But remember it in a few years.

I'll still be around, you?