roanoke.found - The BST Chronicles.

roanoke.found - The BST Chronicles.

1 year ago, I started something.. and for 24 days I laid forth the story of a lifetime. Or at least the most interesting thing to happen till that point.

Read them as you see fit, you can always come back to them..

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As promised

A podcast. For you to enjoy, and think about..

CAUTION! Contains a song which will, upon repeated listening, dig itself deep in your head. Also contains talk of todays breaking news from London. Which should, by all rights, dig itself in your head as well.

I've heard tell of Roanoke being on Hitler's hit list back during WW2, for its strategic railroad and proximity to fuel supplies. True? I cannot validate it, but it sounds reasonable, had Hitler ever made it to the US shores.

Just something to consider..

Eyes open folks.. both domestically, and internationally. Eyes Wide Open.

Aww Geez Edith!

Wake up.. get coffee.. stumble over dogs to computer.. hit news sites, click on TV..

Terrorists.. planes.. again?

Aww come on.. this is not how I wanted to start today.

Well, hopefully all you folks out there had no plans for major travel..

You know I'll be monitoring the situation for you folks.. Of course, theres one story thats being reported, but overshadowed by the larger story.

"2 held on terror charges in Ohio"

And they had a map of WalMarts across the Ohio to South Carolina area (including Kentucky, Tenn., and N. Carolina). Wanna bet that Roanoke was on that map?

Eyes open people.. eyes wide open.


Breaking news from Mill Mountain

ROANOKE, VA --  In order to conduct much needed repairs, the Roanoke
will be out of service from Saturday, Aug. 12, until Sunday,
Aug. 20. For one
or two days during this period of time, the entire
star site will be closed
down and no visitors will be allowed near
the star. These dates are not yet
known, but will be decided once
repairs are underway. The city has awarded
the contract for repairs
to Virginia Electrical Services, Inc. in

Many of the transformers, junction boxes, and conduits are
original mechanical parts installed in 1949. Some of the
which control the flow of electricity to the tubes, are
rusting. Other parts,
such as the conduits, are beginning to
deteriorate. "The conduit located
behind the star's mainframe is
cracking," explains Gareth McAllister the
city's Facilities Manager.
"That conduit was designed to shield the star's
wiring from bad
weather. If something were to happen-an electrical storm,
very bad weather-we could lose the star."

The city
appreciates area residents' patience as Roanoke's most
visible icon is
restored to good working condition to keep it shining
for many years to come.

(via myroanoke)


A true peice of Forgotten-alia

If you can find this, and tell me where it is - you might just win something.

Might. Posted by Picasa

Let's get political! *yawn*

Perhaps some of you missed this. It was linked in this article on roanoke.com this past Sunday.

Very interesting information contained in the report, although a touch hard to navigate. But once you get the hang of it.. it becomes a keystone to understanding this past election.

Of the 3 alleged Indie canidates, you remember them.. DMT - the D raised the least cash of them.

It is interesting to see who raised what, and who dontated what. I did not realize a garage cum restaurant could donate money, but somehow Fork in the Alley managed just that. A physical structure.. amazing.

One guy put his money on nearly every horse in the race, every horse he thought could win anyway. But nothing for Mr. Bowers. Think Mr. Dalhouse holds a grudge against Bowers for some odd reason?

Of course, he was not the only one to give conspicously to multiple canidates, but he is probably the biggest name to do so.

Makes one wonder if a truly independant canidate can succeed against the mega-money of PACs and 'finger in your pocket' friends like Dalhouse. Who has absolutely no interest what-so-ever in politics, he's just being friendly.

Anyway, it seems as though theres alot of money that has its fingers around the neck of the city council. Each $1,000 donation, or $21,666 donation means someone *thinks* they have influence... and of course, the average man means nothing. But remember, they are acting in our interests (allegedly, although if Fork in the Alley was acting my best interests, there would be an endless stream of pizzas heading towards my door at all times.)

Just something to think about, the interests of the City Council are steered by the most vocal supporters, and $21,666 is quite vocal.

But maybe next time...


Not what I was hoping for.. but

But not a bad weekend, all in all. I swear, promise, and verily confirm the launch of a new page this week.

Alert the media, call out the guard if I do not post this page (finally) this week.

Also on the things to look forward to list:

  • Summation of the State of the City Rebuttal
  • a new Podcast
  • an actual post or two about the history of the city
  • no comment on the sudden work stoppage at the site of the new Art Museum
  • a possible 2nd new page
  • I said possible.. relax
  • MORE of the Roanoke Found you've come to know and love.

So thats the week in a nutshell. Excited? Well, try to be..