Breaking news from Mill Mountain

ROANOKE, VA --  In order to conduct much needed repairs, the Roanoke
will be out of service from Saturday, Aug. 12, until Sunday,
Aug. 20. For one
or two days during this period of time, the entire
star site will be closed
down and no visitors will be allowed near
the star. These dates are not yet
known, but will be decided once
repairs are underway. The city has awarded
the contract for repairs
to Virginia Electrical Services, Inc. in

Many of the transformers, junction boxes, and conduits are
original mechanical parts installed in 1949. Some of the
which control the flow of electricity to the tubes, are
rusting. Other parts,
such as the conduits, are beginning to
deteriorate. "The conduit located
behind the star's mainframe is
cracking," explains Gareth McAllister the
city's Facilities Manager.
"That conduit was designed to shield the star's
wiring from bad
weather. If something were to happen-an electrical storm,
very bad weather-we could lose the star."

The city
appreciates area residents' patience as Roanoke's most
visible icon is
restored to good working condition to keep it shining
for many years to come.

(via myroanoke)

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