And when you wake in the morning...

There will be a gift here for you, the story of Christmas I have promised you.

Belief, suspense, mystery, and a 10 year old kid sleeping on the pull out sofa.

It doesnt end in a white christmas, theres no great revelation. Just belief.

Enduring belief.

A simple message..

May it be merry, warm, and enduring.

Merry Christmas. Posted by Picasa

With 12 hours and 35 minutes to go...

Im off to work.. time to go make some spirits bright and whatnot.

See you all when I get back.

I'll be back with 4 hours to go..

/excited? me? noooo

roanoke.com - May the resounding joy of Christmas ring in Roanoke

roanoke.com - Commentary Stories -May the resounding joy of Christmas ring in Roanoke

Kudos to Mayor Harris on his excellent research, now however begs the question - Why do we not have this in Roanoke now?

I could go for a nice parade, during the day - when its not sub-zero with the wind chill like it was at Dickens.

Thats my biggest beef with Dickens, there needs to be some sort of Daytime activity on a Saturday to compliment the Friday Night stuff.

I usually dont get out of work until 8, which means I would not get downtown till 8:30 - and half the fun is over by then.

Let's explore Saturday as a 2nd day for Dickens. Plus, think of the added bonus to downtown merchants for having all-day traffic, rather than limited hours night traffic.

Plus the bonus of added sun!

News from The Roanoke Times -Giving away a small fortune

News from The Roanoke Times -Giving away a small fortune

Welcome to Christmas

Inside every one of us who acts like Mr. Hurt, every one of us who takes a moment to think, every one of us who shares something of themselves, there lies Christmas.

Attention Citizens...

Since I am assuming most of you are asleep at this point, I'll leave this as a reminder for when you wake in the morning.

23 Hours 30 minutes till Christmas!

Me, excited? Nahhh...


Remember, I owe you folks the story of why Santa will always be real.

Not to mention unusual red lights in places there should be no lights.

Ho, Ho, here we go.....

23 hours 28 minutes....


Im forgetting something....

Oh right, podcast. Umm.. tomorrow. besides - I think Christmas Eve is much more appropriate for listening to stories.

cookie update: batch 1 done, batch 2,3,4 tomorrow.

Thank you, but not interested.

I was going to post something about the Real Estate blogs featured in the Roanoke Times business section today. But in the interests of fairness, Im just going to let you go read it yourself.

Roanoke Real Estate Blog

I will not comment on it, save to say that I think for a writeup on Roanoke itself, it could have been a lot better. This would not sell me on Roanoke.

And if a Real Estate agent can't sell you on something, then there is something wrong.

Thankfully, I live here too. So I know theres alot more to Roanoke than this little posting says.

Anyway, Im making cookies - spritz cookies. No you can't have any. Theyre for work.

I'll be back and forth all morning.


Allright, what the heck... (commentary on the lack of digital roanoke)

You know, Im hunting around the internets as I am wont to do at night, and just checking out some of the local type of stuff. Well, I would be anyway if it were not for the fact that so many companies around here have no online presence.

Im looking directly at you Bob-FM. Your a radio station. You take requests. Where the h-e-double hockeysticks is your website???

Good Ol' Chef K has pointed out to me that Roanoke Fruit and Produce Co. does not have a website either. Following the example of half the restaurants in Roanoke apparently.

Need I remind the good business people of Roanoke that this is the 21st century, when AJAX is no longer just something to clean with?

It could be thats why the Olive Garden and Applebees are so popular - you can look at the menu at home, so you know what you want before you get there.

But what I want to know is, for the Digital City Award winning hometown that it is, where are all the websites?

You would think that this city would be an easy sell, but lack of reliable information online about the current businesses and services available. Roanokeonline.com is a pretty handy resource, but some of the links are more than just a tad outdated. And some of the listings are as well.

It's "On the Market" page is chock full of information, yet not one link to a single site for any market businesses. Then again, when you are still listing the Great 611 Grill, and 309 First Street, your a little past expiration. And need I mention that the Wicked Wick shop listed is no longer there - replaced by Roanoke Valley Printworks. W-W has moved out to Vinton, under the name Mystic Moods, who also used to have a website, but no longer does.

So again, I ask - where have all the websites gone?

Why must Roanoke be dominated by the Times, the City, the TV stations, and the Airport. Because thats what you find when you Google Roanoke. Most people never make it past the first page of a search, unless they have a pretty good idea what they are looking for.

Well, I've been told yet again that I am the unofficial salesman for Roanoke, which is sad really. I should think the town can sell itself, but without a decent digital footprint, maybe it can't.

I welcome all those looking for Roanoke, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. As long as you can ignore the NY accent anyway.


LaCie - Big Disk Hard Drive

LaCie - Big Disk Hard Drive - USB 2.0

Because you care enough. Because you like me. Because you love me. Because your a good person. Because the sight of me drooling is too pathetic to take.Its one Terabyte. 1GB (gigabyte) = 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) bytes. 1TB (terabyte) = 1000GB.

Sweet Dear God..

1 Terabyte

Editorials from The Roanoke Times -Roanoke's schizophrenic council

Editorials from The Roanoke Times -Roanoke's schizophrenic council: "Then Mr. Hyde put in an appearance at the council meeting.

On a 6-1 vote, its members said mob rule sometimes is preferable to representative democracy. Roanoke will ask the General Assembly for permission to hold advisory referendums if 5,000 registered voters sign a petition or if a council majority wants political cover on a tough decision.

Only Brenda McDaniel voted against the proposal because she has the good sense to think elected officials should do their jobs. It is too bad she is not running for re-election in May."

Im sorry, but RoanokeTimes - enough allready. You are displaying your distate for the public far too readily these days.

I kindly ask you to shut your mouth on such things. Very kindly.

Dickens of a Christmas

Allright, so you want to know how it was. If you werent there, you should have been, and probably will be next year.

The difference from last years DoaC to this years was exponential. The crowds grew, the vendors grew. The event itself was the same as years past, but larger somehow. First thing that struck as really different - they moved the living nativity to Campbell and the Market building.

By the by - I forgot the camera at home both days.

Aint I smert?

Well, lack of photos aside, it was wonderful. Probably could have been better had the weather co-operated at least once. But no, it had to be cold, colder, and cold all three nights. Due to the Colder, we missed night 2, and due to my own cold as well. Aside from that, we were there opening and closing.

I remember last year, closing night was very sparse - nice but not well attended. This year was the polar opposite. Very well attended, most of the vendors had come back for that last night (and were making a killing).

I was slightly disappointed by the lack of food vendors, however - the baked goods vendors made up for it to a point. There is nothing like buying something warm on a cold night. And other than the cider, hot chocolate (Confeddi's spiced hot chocolate was wonderful), and popcorn - there was no warm food being sold. That will change next year Im sure.

And Chef K knows something about that. What it is, he will not say. He's predicting a busy year foodwise in Roanoke. I will be coming out with my own predictions next week at some point, maybe I'll just include them in the podcast.

Which is going to have to wait till next week, although I do plan an audiopost at some point before Christmas eve.

Oh, and by the by - Happy Solstice all you darkness hating people out there. You get your light back.


It's beginning to look alot like Christmas..

well, duh.

Sorry to say, in my NOAA research it's looking more like a wet Christmas than a white Christmas, although we can still hold out hope. And if we believe, deep down in our very core, then anything is possible.

Just thought I would pass that on...

Dickens review still pending..

I need verification:

From my inbox: A e-mail from AOL, which invites me to take my free AIM username over to AOL for FREE (at least the first 50 days are). It included this line, which makes me remember why I left AOL in the first place.

With the AOL® service, you not only get the best safety and security features, but online shopping is da bomb! With AOL, you can shop all day long and still have energy to go out and boogie down!

Umm, does anyone even talk like that anymore? Thanks for being totally irrelevant AOL.

Private eyes *clap clap* are watching you *clap clap*

If I may be so bold as to come forth with semi-classified information and break down the upstream wall between myself, and you - gentle reader.

I, like just about nearly every other webmaster on the face of the Earth , use hit-tracking programs to monitor the popularity of the website, or in this case, the blog. Forgotten-Roanoke.com does pretty well for something which is only updated twice a month, but the blog is far more widely read than one might imagine. Even I am constantly amazed at who reads, and why.

It's called a referrer. If you google Roanoke News, you see a link to a post I made. Its the bottom one, #10 for those counting.
not too shabby.

Of course you-know-who with the dead tree edition is #1. Well if you search Roanoke News, and click on the link to the post I made - it shows as a referrer. I can see what you searched for, and where I place. Sometimes I have to follow the search myself to see why I came up. Sometimes I can tell when you have clicked through from an e-mail. Recent example, a Comcast customer recieved a link to the blog in their mail. Thank you for following it, and thanks to the person who decided it was worth sending, for whatever reason.

Sometimes the people doing the searches are more interesting than the search. Example: A direct hit from Microsoft up in Redmond, from a Google search for "Dickens of a Christmas Roanoke." A standard search, but MS employees using Google? Smacks of irony if you ask me.

Then there are the IP#'s that make you nervous. I was fully expecting to be called to testify when I recieved a few hits from the Sargent At Arms for the US Senate. And the .mil hits are always fun. Which is how I know someones looking homeward from Iraq.

The US Office of Personnel Management and the PBGC are 2 of the more interesting .gov hits I recieve, and as I said - I know your out there, drop a line.

Then there are your standard Cox, Adelphia, Verizon, and whozeewhatsis hits. All in all, my blog is steadily gaining readership. And I have you kind readers to thank for it. If you did not like what you see here regularly, you would not come back as often as you do. I only hope that in the coming year I can keep you coming back. Bring a friend with you, I always try to be conversational.

But however you wind up here, drop a line. It struck me as funny this weekend during which I made almost no posts, no updates - not even a podcast, and yet I recieved more comments than I usually do in a heavy week of working.

There is no growth for a business without getting to know your customer. And I am constantly searching out new technologies and opportunities for you, my customers. The Roanoke Marketplace for example, is there for you. A new, free resource. I can modify certain features of it, add and delete things as demand calls for it. I just need to know what you would like. Customer Feedback.

There is also the WikiRoanoke where you the consumer have an opportunity to add your voice, your ideas to the entire experience that is life in Roanoke. Digitalized for your enjoyment. And there are more in the works.

I will have a posting about Dickens of a Christmas later today, with any luck. I still have some work to do around here, but the Forgotten Tree is up, decorated, and lit. The ornaments from the kids over at Roanoke Catholic look great on it, as do the select few I have garnered from the Center in the Square MuseumShop. And as we approach the zero hour of Midnight Christmas Eve, I hope you all are deeply mired in the spirit of the season. The single common thread all the "holidays" have, peace on earth, and goodwill to man. Now stop that PC think and realize that by man it is generally understood to mean human. Not dude.

Anyway, be back later.


Hey kids, Rock and Roll!

Yep, still here. Haven't gone anywhere yet, just felt like taking some time off and enjoying the thrill of decorating the tree and other Christmas fare.

Regular blogging resumes today.