Spotted at Tanglewood

O I wish....

Yes, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile is over at Tanglewood RIGHT NOW..

Why? I cannot say. How long? I do not know.

There are many mysteries about the Weinermobile, and few answers.

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From the Roanoke.com Messageboards:
"lovenrv on 3/2/2006 5:59:40 PM wrote:

Roanoke is a wonderful city. The people, the landscape and once upon a time it
was an extremely important city. Today, it is not. BUT, many people who
love it are trying to make it great, again. By building a world-class
museum that will bring locals and tourists to the heart of the
community, generate new development, new jobs and a new outlook on the
future is one of the steps to placing Roanoke in the eyes of the
nation. You'll be surprised how well this sturcutre will fit within the
urban fabric of the city - it's quite the opposite of what people fear.
Narrow thinking only hurts the city that these folks claim to adore. As
for land along the interstate, we should be building loft-style
apartments that stretch along the market's edge."

Allright - I don't exactly have the want to address this now, but I would like to hear your comments on this statement. I will address this in my podcast tomorrow.

But seriously, drop a line.

Podcast will drop in 1 hour or so.


Move the museum?

Priceless.. just priceless.

Now that those connected with the museum are realizing the cost of developing the Salem Ave. site are skyrocketing, so lets distract people by talking about moving it some place not a single celled organisim would want it moved. This way, when we "begrudgingly" go with the downtown location, regardless of the cost and traffic congestion and all that, people will be thrilled that we left Mill Moutain alone.

Oh Art-heads, are things really that bad in your little world? Don't you realize Mill Mountain IS an art museum unto itself. One look out from the Star's overlook and you can see every style, from the PoMo to the impressionistic.

Although allow me to be momentarily amused by the dragging of Mr. Vander Maten into this whole deal. Here is the man charged with the betterment of Explore park. And read his words carefully.. "Vander Maten said moving the zoo to Explore Park "certainly is an idea that's on the table."

Note how he wants the zoo, which is clearly an attraction and draw. NOT the museum, even though adding the museum to Explore Park would be easier than anything based on location and site(s) available.

Oh - "The mountaintop would be made more accessible with a mountainside
tramway, the thinking goes. And the synergy of the area could help draw
people off the Blue Ridge Parkway toward downtown."

Mountainside Tramway? Incline Railroad in the only form we could build it now?

Oh, and Mr. Mayor - you really want a better way to tie downtown to Mill and Explore? You need to read my blog more often sir.. Search through my archives for just those very sentiments, in an easy-to-realize plan.

So, in a nutshell - your not looking at an actual idea floated to move the Museum to Mill Mountain (which in itself would triple the costs), your looking at an idea floated to generate buzz about a dying project. To hide the obvious.

But keep trying, I think I noticed some dust had been moved from the parking lot on Salem Ave. I was unsure if this was a sign of development of the location or not. Please, give us a clear sign. Show us the cost vs. funding data.


excitin times

Circumstances you are most definitely not aware of behind the scenes here at Forgotten-Roanoke.com (temporary) Global Domination HQ have changed. For a short while, no appreciable difference may be noted - but after a while, you'll notice. In saying that, what you do need to know is there will (hopefully) be no difference in the way everything runs. The Pod may have to be switched days, or may be broken up into installments via cellphone several times a week.

Too early to tell on what will work properly. However, site updates will continue every 2 weeks, blogging may be a bit lighter - but will continue daily.

As I discover more, I will tell you more.

Enjoy the good weather, which you have Me (your overlord) to thank for. How? I finally broke down and pulled out my turtlenecks. Obviously the weather pattern must change inversely to whatever I deem acceptable and necissicary clothing at the time.

Later Yall


Now I know there are questions..

I'm sure you have noticed the latest update (page 2 of Henry Gains) is relatively without images.

There is good reason for this.
Not everything in history has been recorded graphically. Much of history is oral-tradition. The only images are the ones you create in your mind when you hear a story. This is the way history is.

I have talked to many a person about many a subject, and the things they tell me about there are no photos for. The best that I could do is go back to the location and take a photo of what it looks like now, and attempt to weave the story around that. But in certain cases, that is not appropriate..

This was one of those times.

Just have to let you all know

I just got done watching "MirrorMask"

Outstanding movie from the Henson Company, Neil Gaiman, and Dave McKean.

It is visually stunning, superbly watchable, and a definite family film.

If you liked Labrynth (which I did), Dark Crystal (which I don't really remember), or The NeverEnding Story (the original only) - you're gonna like this. But remember to watch it with your kids.

It's different, but still a family film - but very different than anything you've seen short of a Tool video.

I'm not waving!!

Im drowning!!!!!!!

I recieved in the mail today a sice of the 1960's here in Roanoke. March 15th, 1964 to be precise.

It was a Sunday.

And boy am I up to my ears in information.

But aside from that, I have tentatively finished the Henry Gains page - you can follow the link (same as 2 weeks ago) over at Forgotten-Roanoke.com

I say tentatively, because as I was working on it - the inspiration hit me that with all the current work ongoing in the area - it will be worth a revisit in a few months, to see the changes and perhaps delve a bit further into the vast historical legacy of the area. So that's what Im gonna do.. so there!

Any suggestions - drop a line (email address on the BIO page) or leave a comment here. Next update will be for March 12th, the beginning of St. Patrick's week and the beginning of Roanoke's festival season.

Forgotten-Roanoke will be out at the parade, hooting it up with me fellow Dubliners and Kerrymen... Oh yes, there will be hooting. I promise it.

Blogging resumes later today, until then - enjoy the pages.