Dirty Rats

Yep - you have all seen the news by now about Henry County Sheriff Cassell and his Dirty Dozen, not to mention the involved civilians.

One word for them - Scumbags.

Scumbags for betraying the public trust, for wasting taxpayers time and money, scumbags.

But in every group of scumbags, theres always the leader - the dirty rat. And to think the man who held the nation's eyes during the Jennifer Short investigation was the Dirty Rat of the tribe.

Elected, respected, and infected by corruption.

I hold no qualms about calling out a scumbag when I see one. And the Roanoke City PD, like every other PD on the face of the planet, has it's share.

I won't go into details because it's not worth it really. It's all circumstantial and petty anyway. But one bad experience with a cop is enough to taint the whole force.

I know there are a lot of honest, hard working, respectable cops - I have personally met quite a few of the absolute Finest Roanoke has to offer. But it only takes one dirty cop, one scumbag to set an entire population against the very people is looks to for protection.

Witness the NYPD, an organization I practically grew up in, and how badly they suffered during the "Serpico" years, and how they suffer still. A portion of the public is decidedly NOT supportive of them, and some are downright hostile.

I hope that the Roanoke PD can police itself better than the NYPD could back in the day... I sure know some Cops who have earned the respect of the citizens, at least this one.


It's Halloween

And theres more flakes in Roanoke than in December.

But I digress..

The reason for no Haunted Roanoke this year is simple - no time to investigate haunting sites when I'm knee deep in planning for 2007 - the Year of the Star.

To read the news today is to half-believe Halloween is nothing more than another Psychic Fair gone wild. Folks, there is very little different about this day than any other - haunting wise. The difference is that we are all a little more inclined to believe - which is not a bad thing.

But it's Halloween, so enjoy it.


Some good news today in the Kate Moss sized paper

Just thought I would point out some of the good in todays paper.

First off - more Greenways!

A letter to the editor in support of the Zoo, which is always nice to see.

And finally, it's called a block party - and people have been having them for generations, but it's nice to see someone have one here.

More later, as conditions warrant.


A little motivational help

posted poster

For those of you who aren't sure what true success is, here's a little help. Courtesy of my basset.