A mission

I haver a small mission for you all.

2 years ago there was a "Haunted Roanoke" tour being offered by Center in the Square. It was a bus ride around Roanoke on Halloween night, stopping at places like the City Cemetary.

The wife and I called to arrange a reservation on the tour, only to find out that it had been cancelled due to "lack of interest."

(540) 342-5700

Call them. This is exactly the kind of thing that makes a Halloween great (now that Im too old for Trick or Treating anyway.)

Coming next week, a post on Haunted Roanoke. A topic which I frequently mean to get back to, but rarely do.


Allright folks, summer is officially dead and gone. When evening lows start hitting 35, and the words "wind chill" comes creeping back in the door - you know its over.

And of course, it also means the return of the "Ick."

The Ick was roaming around last year - making people ill, but not ill enough for weeks on end. Perhaps you had it? Perhaps you just knew people who did. Allready I am seeing signs of the Icks resurgence.

Possibly even in myself.

I was lucky - and generally am when it comes to viral illnesses, they rarely affect me. I had no Ick. I generally tend to be sick for 28 hours, not including 10 hours of sleep - then perfect again, back to my old perky self.

I'm not feeling so perky.... So keep me in your thoughts, pray I don't have the Ick - that it's just a regular bug. I can lose a day of work, but I cannot tolerate weeks of ill humor.

Besides - if Im off for a day (imagine that!) I just might be able to get something done around here.


Ladies and Gentlemen, there will be a slight delay...

Yep, but we are getting closer to being normal again. Hopefully by next week there will be a podcast once again. HOWEVER, the one problem that I am having as of late - being as busy as I am, I look to the newspaper to give me the day's local stories. And there have been none.

Suprisingly, this little note seems to go without much consideration:

ROANOKE, VA - Centex Construction will close Norfolk Avenue, SE
(between 3rd Street, SE and Market Street) at 9 a.m. Monday, Oct. 23,
until May 2008 to allow for the construction of the art museum.

I signed up for the MyRoanoke e-mail service, Im sure someone at the times did as well. I would like to know who did the studies, the surveys, and allowed a city-owned and maintained road to be closed for such a long time. Nevermind there is more than enough traffic on it as a one-lane road, closing it will reroute all that traffic to Salem Ave, which - Oh, also goes infront of the construction site - and has been closed a few times for the construction.

As I said, Im not calling shenanigans on this (not yet anyway), but I have a feeling most people would be curious to know HOW a street can be closed for such a long period - and who allows it. More importantly though, the big WHY.

Well - off once again to do my thing.. passing right by that construction site.

If you have not been down to see the site, you should - in a nutshell, it's not nearly as big as you thought it would be.