Ladies and Gentlemen, there will be a slight delay...

Yep, but we are getting closer to being normal again. Hopefully by next week there will be a podcast once again. HOWEVER, the one problem that I am having as of late - being as busy as I am, I look to the newspaper to give me the day's local stories. And there have been none.

Suprisingly, this little note seems to go without much consideration:

ROANOKE, VA - Centex Construction will close Norfolk Avenue, SE
(between 3rd Street, SE and Market Street) at 9 a.m. Monday, Oct. 23,
until May 2008 to allow for the construction of the art museum.

I signed up for the MyRoanoke e-mail service, Im sure someone at the times did as well. I would like to know who did the studies, the surveys, and allowed a city-owned and maintained road to be closed for such a long time. Nevermind there is more than enough traffic on it as a one-lane road, closing it will reroute all that traffic to Salem Ave, which - Oh, also goes infront of the construction site - and has been closed a few times for the construction.

As I said, Im not calling shenanigans on this (not yet anyway), but I have a feeling most people would be curious to know HOW a street can be closed for such a long period - and who allows it. More importantly though, the big WHY.

Well - off once again to do my thing.. passing right by that construction site.

If you have not been down to see the site, you should - in a nutshell, it's not nearly as big as you thought it would be.


Anonymous said...

Careful, the tinfoil hat is on a little crooked today.

FireFleitz said...

I have to agree with you totally. I drive by the site and think, that they are building a model of what they really want. I mean, by the plans, it seemed to be huge. But when you look at the site it is like a miniature museum. Kinda humorous. Then again, it might end up meeting our size expectations. Only time will tell.