Woulda... Shoulda.. Coulda..

I was going to post something the other day about a poor dead horse that keeps being kicked. When the Times ran it's cover story on the close of the RFP (request for proposals) for Mill Mountain, I laughed heartily - and really wanted to sit down and type out a massive response, but today I am vindicated.

Read this, and laugh along with me.

Valley Forward, who ostensibly had no financial interest in ANYTHING being built on Mill Mountain, was key in the development of the SINGLE proposal that came in.

Lugar: "We were in contact with two major regional firms and a smaller, respected local firm, all of which had interest and had the wherewithal to consummate something on the mountain," Lugar said. But "because of the [political] climate, they lost interest."

It's not the political climate, you lazy minded yuppie. It's the socio-economic climate. Despite all your flawed and skewed surveys, you still failed to realize that your concept is not something the people want. Granted, you would probably have more support from the masses were you to suggest a Mexican Restaurant or a Red Lobster.

You folks over at Valley Forward need to exit your glad-handing circle for a little while and see how the rest of the world lives. Not all of us own moving companies, work as pharma-reps selling to politically connected doctors, or are able to have both a wife and child, and a mistress or two.

Best case scenario? Drop the Mill Mountain thing, and choose a battle that would actually accomplish something. Raise funds for testicular cancer or something, but stop trying to be civic leaders when you live in a world of your own. You do not speak for everyone, work for everyone, or know whats best for everyone. But such is the conceit of the idle class.

Saving the world is a tiring job, let someone else do it.

In short, regroup and come back with something useful. We don't mind you - we just don't like you.