Anyone seen it?

I guess the Times misplaced the article on the AMWV opening the job of "general contractor" up to bids somewhere.

It was in the newspaper. I swear it was. Something about costs for building the silly thing growing, "but we planned for this" or something like that.

Mr. Stout saying it's a good thing. But I've looked and looked online, and can't seem to find it.

Im guessing they must have misplaced it. If you see it, please contact someone over at the Times so they can put the article online and get the word out to the digital people.

Oh, they must have lost the pic of the AMWV concept, because in the paper they ran an image of the Art Museum in Calgary that Stout recently sucker... um.. won to contract on.

So if you happen to see either one of these, please let someone know. They might be found somewhere in the viscinity of the Times community sense, integrity, and common sense. Both of which have been lost for a long while.


(Paused) Linus And Lucy by Vince Guaraldi Trio (Holiday) - Discover Music - Pandora

I gotta tell ya, since Ive found this - Im having nothing but fun letting it run hours on end working and reworking playlists to discover music and moods I barely even thought about. and it allows you to skip over songs you dont like.

Its free too!

Theres links to buy the albums from Amazon, search on iTunes for the song itself..

Probably the coolest thing Ive found in a while. But thats just me.

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Festivities and Excelcior You Fathead!

Well, tree lighting at 6:20p tonight, the whole deal runs 5-10p. Im going to be getting there just after the "non-denominational festive shrubbery" achieves illumination. But I will be there. Just look for the guy who scares you the most, and thats probably me.

I'll have flyers! Excitement! Danger! Intrigue! and a good dose of holiday cheer...

Holiday Podcasting is HERE!!




My Odeo Channel

News from The Roanoke Times -Mall shields Santa from suggestive storefront

News from The Roanoke Times -Mall shields Santa from suggestive storefront


too tired to write about it now, but I would call it pod-fodder if I ever saw it.

Oh hey - something I just thought of, why now is it a problem. Who is the forward thinking genius who set the whole thing up, looked around, and somehow missed the Victorias Secret. And who is the toe-head who looked at the plans and said "Sure, no problem." This is a bad case of someone not thinking ahead, and someone thinking up their behind.

Who could possibly look at the site, the orientation of Santa to the site, the line which kids would walk in to see Santa, and think this was a great place to do it?

Maybe we should just start sticking the Santa displays and photo centers in empty stores, keep it out of the flow of traffic.

Im not objecting on morals, Im objecting on the stupidity of whoever set it up that way, and who ever said it was ok to set up that way. No forethought, no comprehension.. no nada.

You know, you need 2 brain cells to rub together to make a thought...


roanoke.com: Southwest Virginia starts here - on the Internet

roanoke.com: Southwest Virginia starts here - on the Internet: "Today's columns and blogs

1939 Cadillac Airport Crash Truck
By Rhett Fleitz | More local bloggers
/run bitching.exe

Nothing against Rhett, but I have been told by several people that they have contacted the Times about the blog link not changing for a long time. Rhett's been the link for nearly 2 weeks now. Before that, the previous link was nearly 2 weeks. They are complaining about the fact that by keeping the link static, its very hard to tell if anything interesting is being posted without going through each and every link on the blog page itself.

This is what Im hearing - e-mails sent to the Times are going unanswered, and no changes are being made. Ive seen software that will change the link randomly. Maybe the Times should look into this, seeing as how there is apparently no one manning the wheel anymore.

Im getting the feeling that the Times is done with Bloggers, and will just let the whole section deteriorate until its gone. Like they did with the history section of the website. Nice to know we are a novelty. Speaks volumes of them.

/quit bitching.exe

What lies ahead:

23 Days
13 Hours
21 Minutes

Thats right, actually by the time you view this, it will be less than that. Im taking advantage of this day off to dig in and begin the transformation. From the generic autumnal decor to the minimalist Christmas I like to run. What? Why are you looking at me like that? Allright - so I decorate every part of the house. How could you not?

I'm more likely to celebrate this in grand style than I am my own birthday. Then again, who wants to celebrate the fact you lived long enough to pay more taxes and spend more than you save?

Yeah - Im overjoyed by birthdays.

Allright - lets start digging into my stack o' Christmas stuff.

Every day Im going to pull out an ancient memory of something from Christmas past. Like today. Im 30. That puts my birthyear as 1975 - the middle of the disco era, I came into my own musically when I hit about 7 or 8, and could figure out how to work the radio. I had records and plenty of them. With my little Fisher Price Record Player, I was my own DJ. One of the first albums I really became attached to, oddly enough, was "Perry Como sings Merry Christmas Music."

Ok - go ahead. Laugh if you must.

The album opened with Perry reading "Twas the night before Christmas..." and if I remember correctly, I rarely made it past that before falling asleep. There was something warm and magical in Mr. Como's voice. I would fall asleep to Perry talking about sugarplums dancing and wake up to the scratching of the needle on the label.

Very little modern holiday music has moved me the way Mr. Como did, and apparently according to Amazon - these recordings are over 50 years old now. So when it comes to the holidays, short of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, theres not much modern I like. Call me a curmudgeon, but its true. Damn kids... AND GET OFF MY LAWN!

As my boss pointed out yesterday, Im a big old softy when it comes to the holidays. Well, considering my taste in holiday music - its not exactly shocking as to why. Sentimental? You betcha.

Forgotten-Roanoke will be at the tree lighting Friday night, come cold or wind - I was at the County one last year - in the rain and wind, and was dissappointed at how "inner circle" it seemed. Most of the activity was inside a small tent which did not seem for the general public.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have a townful of buildings that needs a home.

WFIR AM 960 // News Talk Radio - Roanoke, Virginia

WFIR AM 960 // News Talk Radio - Roanoke, Virginia

It finally happened. WFIR has finally gone and launched a real website, after ages under construction.

The weather section alone is worth a look for use of Flash to build a great interface.

All in all, one spiffy website - now if only they had more local content on the air.



Everything's everything

Finally the weather has levelled off for a while. Now we can get back to the business of Christmas, December, and merry-making.

Remember Friday is the tree lighting downtown, and the first night of Dickens of a Christmas. Looking at 45 and 29 (high and low) that day, which is totally appropriate for such an event.

Light snow would be nice too, but I wont push things..

Theres a good chance I will be there, seeing as how its happening at 7pm and Im off. There will be a podcast that day as well. Maybe I'll audiopost from the lighting.

You would not think it, but Im a big softy for Christmas.

However, as the years pass and things come and go.. the scope of christmas is widening for me. Im beginning to think a bit larger.

As in, how in this wonderfully technological and jaded era, does one assure that their kids will believe in Santa, and the magic of Christmas?

Other than taking them to the Mall for photos with the man.

If theres one thing I can say about NYC at Christmas, its a town that knows how to capitalize on its history at just the right moments. NY takes a step back in time when Christmas rolls around. From the lo-tech skating rinks which are usually filled, to the displays in storefront windows. Im sure some store could put together a window display filled with technological wonders being churned out of Santa's Workshop. But (for the most part) they dont. Sure they have Santa recieving e-mail updates to his "Naughty or nice" list, but the computer is usually wood, or cardboard. And usually obviosuly so. Yet the window is still wonder in the eyes of a child.

I would like to see one of the small businesses down on the market re-start the tradition of having a Christmas window. Im sure once the work is done on the City State building, there will be a display at the holidays, but will it be the same?

Sometimes I wonder if its even possible my kids (when I have them) will understand what it means to haul out the dusty old records and decorate the tree. My mother has a 3-legged reindeer ornament. It used to have 4 legs, but back when it was still dangerous to have lights on the tree - one of the lights actually melted the leg off the poor thing.

Now how do you explain to your kids that one? All they have ever known is mini-bulbs and now LED bulbs. Even the good old bubble lights don't get all that hot anymore. Oh and the joys of worrying about keeping the tinsel off the bulbs.

Anyway - yes, we are getting a little nostalgia heavy, but thats ok. It's all seasonal. Come the summer I begin pining for the winters of my youth - when 36 inches of snow in a week was a rarity, but 24 was common. And we usually still had school.


Anyone want to go caroling?

Angels We Have Heard on High

Angels we have heard on high,
Singing sweetly through the night,
And the mountains in reply
Echoing their brave delight.
Gloria in excelsis Deo.
Gloria in excelsis Deo.

Shepherds, why this jubilee?
Why these songs of happy cheer?
What great brightness did you see?
What glad tiding did you hear? Refrain

Come to Bethlehem and see
Him whose birth the angels sing;
Come, adore on bended knee
Christ, the Lord, the new-born King. Refrain

See him in a manger laid
Whom the angels praise above;
Mary, Joseph, lend your aid,
While we raise our hearts in love. Refrain

(amazing how even when you don't know the proper lyrics, the ones you think you know still seem right)

Conversate | Roanoke Marketplace

Conversate | Roanoke Marketplace

Here is your chance to talk back, talk smack, and let me know what you want out of the Marketplace.

Maybe, in a few days, I will stop talking about it too.
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ok allready


We get the point thank you...

Anyone up for some afternoon kyaking at Victory Stadium?

Ready2005.Com 홈

Allright - scroll down a bit. See the spinning record? Now wait for it..

Nope, I have no idea either.

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Roanoke Marketplace: A users guide.

Allright, Im going to assume by now you have all seen the Roanoke Marketplace article in the Times today. If not, heres the link: Printer Friendly Version

Allright, in a nutshell Roanoke Marketplace is the digital corkboard for Roanoke, to which anyone can stick anything. I started it when I found ning.com, a site which had certain wep applications that users could clone for their own use. Hosted by Ning, the Roanoke Marketplace is simply a clone of the Marketplace formatted page they had available when I first went to the page. Allright, good? Lets get started.

Head on over to the Marketplace: Roanoke Marketplace and look to the right of the screen. Theres a sign up/sign in option - you need to sign up. Once you do you have access to the entire Marketplace, if you sign up for Beta Developer status, you can create your own marketplace, or clone any of the other pages you find at Ning.

Now you can begin posting to the Marketplace. Add events, talk on the forums, post reviews and news. Its all up to you - content is whatever you want it to be. Im adding things as we go along, but I don't know everything - so add whatever you want. There are 2 different job boards there too. One is gigs, short term assignments to fulfill a need, and the other is more traditional jobs. As time goes on, and people begin to populate the page, you might be able to post that you can do a job and let someone contact you with an offer. It all depends upon the public taking part in it.

A word about content: I want to keep this clean, so save the naughty stuff for some other board. Be honest, even though there is no legal recourse, I would like people to be straightforward in their postings. No harassment, I have full editorial power here, and will delete anything that seems untoward.

Otherwise, its all up to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Anything you would like added (except personals, you want to meet someone, go outside!) But use it.. its a resource, and its free. So stop hemming and hawing, just go.

Aside from the forums, the section I really want to see used the most is the Community section.

Roanoke, for the common good, I give you the Marketplace.


Figured I'd post my schedule now and get it out of the way

Fri - podcast
Sun - update to Forgotten-Roanoke.com

various times through out the week - addendums to the Roanoke Marketplace (start posting people) as I can

I used to doubt...

But after seeing what I saw at the History Museum on Saturday, I am now convinced there is a Santa Claus. I thought maybe the world had gotten too jaded for Jolly Ol' St. Nick, but apparently not. There was still wonder in the eyes of the children, and the adults. This man held the crowd in the palm of his hand, with a gentle sweetness and soft story.

The museums display of Christmas figures from storefronts past was interesting, especially considering some of the figures were duplicates of the ones I remember seeing at the Macy's Santaland in Herald Square. Im guessing made by the same company, but it was interesting to see them after all these years.

My memories of going to see Santa always revolve around a train, a door, a rush, and a wait.

Those will come later this week.

I would kind of prefer it to actually BE December before I start pummeling you with Christmas past.

But I will say this much, there are things I have personally experienced in my life which give me good reason NOT to discount the existence of "The Man, The Myth, The Legend".

More on that later...


News from The Roanoke Times -Caged debt

News from The Roanoke Times -Caged debt: “The zoo was like a person who lives paycheck to paycheck while adding credit card debt.”

We have all been there. It's not easy, but this is not personal. This is all about how Roanoke presents itself. Yesterday I was at the History Museum downtown and up Mill Mountain a short time later. Downtown was packed, and my little group brought the tally of visitors to the museum up to 96 at that point.

Then we went up Mill Mountain. The Star was packed just as much as downtown was. And much like downtown, the people were going no further than 1 block away, which up at the star translates to the Discovery Center. I have long thought the Zoo needed an archway announcing it at the stone wall to the Wildflower garden, and another along the paved road near the picnic area.

Just some gentle visual reminders that there is a zoo up here.

My wife and I love the zoo, and have long said that if we ever hit the Mega Millions, a portion of it would be donated to the zoo to ensure operations.

But as I've said before - the Zoo lacks presence in the downtown market area. It really irks me. Maybe I'll put my own signs up one day that mark the path to the zoo like we have to the Star.

Warm day? Warmer than your normal winter day? Go to the zoo. It's worth it.

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