Would you?

Need I even say how much this resembles our own Council?

Would you trust this crew (not one of which is a successful business owner mind you - and that includes FITA, which David has little to do with on any regular basis) to handle the business of a city?

Are you really that surprised that there is so little response to the City's request for proposals on various projects?

Is it any wonder when you have to defend a city against statements like: "There is just no available capitol in Roanoke to spend on growth," and "Roanoke will never garner the kind of investments it needs to be a city."

Anyone out there willing to pony up a scholarship to the Higher Ed Center, we need at least 7 - possibly 10, to send the heads of the city (council, manager, and assistant managers) in for a remedial class in Basic Business Economics. We know they already have degrees in creative writing.

As Daffy Duck says: "Deeeesphickable!"