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Thought you'd like to know...


Heres a heart attack for you...

From the NY Daily News: "
Thanks to the purchasing power of the masters of the universe, the
average price per square foot also hit a record high at $1,083. The
median apartment price also hit a record at $880,000."

Due to the high cost of renting an apartment in Manhattan, the market for apartments is more geared to ownership - so you buy (with a mortgage) rather than rent (no mortgage).

Via Craigslist.org
Bedrooms: n/a LARGE STUDIO
(490sq ft)

                            Bathrooms: 1

                            Special Note(s):Negotiable Broker fee!


                            Available: Immediately

Allright.. let that sink in. A 490sq. ft. loft, no walls - no rooms. Just a bathroom. Nearly $20,000 a year.

The payments on Forgotten-Roanoke.com HQ V2.0 will be less than half that payment a month.

And thanks to the wonderful power of the all incompassing Internets - I can do just as much business down here as I could up there.

Just something to consider..


The last word on Victory Stadium.

Never again will that name be spoken here at Forgotten-Roanoke.com


Forget the rain, lets tear the roof off.

Something to get us all through this gloom and rain..

Interstellar funkadelica fo yo brain.

Creeping Meatballism

Creeping Meatballism: (sl. adj.) Kreep-eng Meet-ball-izm Loosely defined,  Meatballism is the rejection of individuality. Creeping Meatballism is the adoption of (on a personal level) conformity. Ex: Commercial shows drinkers of Brand X drive nicer cars, look healthier, and generally have better lives than you. You being to drink Brand X, and acting (but not actually attaining) that better life. Deluding yourself to believe you are living the "Brand X Lifestyle."

Reminds me of the City sometimes.

Rather than take stock of ones person, and its supporting and surroundings - its easier to buy into the advertized "good life." The ease and "quality" of Kroger, the high life promised by an Art Museum, the attractiveness of a city with Stadii at the High Schools, the "Repo Sales" which give one the sense of getting one up on the other guy...

That's the insideous touch of Creeping Meatballism, the thought that you too can have a better life if only you had a car that was new. That you have no worries and nothing to fear by taking out a loan against the title of your car. The folks at the Payday Loan place really are only doing it because they want to help you. Just like they come across.

Not quite so, and there are many levels across which that is true. Just because "Brand X" is now suddenly "All natural" or has 23 flavors... that doesn't make it good. And it's not always about the product, as a matter of fact - its usually about life in general. Sure - I could get into specifics about what I feel the standout examples I see around here are, but that would be purely subjective.

But think about it - in everything from the way the news is delivered (both print and tv), the way the City itself works, Meatballism is everywhere.. creeping it's way ever firmer into our lives. If it's allowed.

Individuality is not something to be ashamed of, it's something to be celebrated and revered.

We just lost one such man.. Guilio Corsini - member of the Elks, the Italian American Heritage Club, Knights of Columbus... and yet was never defined by any one of these things - he was more than just a decent man, he was a skilled artisan - an upstanding member of the community, he was something no one else in Roanoke could ever be. He was Guilio Corsini.

Damned few like him around...

Although in a side note - who knew Roanoke had an Italian-American Heritage Club? Thats a positive sign, if I ever heard of one.

Archiving, the Google way

In order to make certain subjects easier to find, I am beginning to archive them on GooglePages. The first one I am using as the trial run for this is the BST Chronicles.

Find them here.. 5 days worth week by week will appear there. This week's 5 days is up allready..

The BST Chronicles

Let me know what you think, any subjects you would like to see archived in the future, any ideas..




Filmed in 1926, Produced by Erich Pommer, writed by Thea von Harbou, and directed by Fritz Lang. In Public Domain.

I realize you don't really have 2 hours to spend staring at my blog watching some grainy, black and white silent film - but give it a few minutes.

And realize that even at 2 hours long, theres still nearly 40 minutes missing - possibly lost forever.

There will never be an equal.

Grand Ol Podcast

Here it is. The Very Special 4th of July Podcast.. Monkies, Mountains, BBQ and a Stadium...


Important information (I suppose)

The City of Roanoke will make Victory Stadium bricks
available to city
residents in the stadium's parking lot on Saturday,
July 8, from 9 a.m. to
noon, and on Thursday, July 13, from 5 to 7
p.m., rain or shine. A limited
number of bricks have been cleaned and
prepared for distribution. Thus,
residents will be limited to four
bricks per car.

Cones will be set up
and signs will be posted in the parking lot to
direct cars to specific
entrance and exit paths. As cars enter the
parking lot, city staff will
verify residency for each car before
distributing bricks. If the supply of
bricks is exhausted on
Saturday, residents who come to the stadium but do not
receive bricks
will be given place card holders that entitle them to be one
of the
first to receive bricks on Thursday.

At the end of the 5 to 7
p.m. distribution time on Thursday,
non-residents will be permitted to
receive any remaining bricks from
7 to 9 p.m., at four bricks per