Heres a heart attack for you...

From the NY Daily News: "
Thanks to the purchasing power of the masters of the universe, the
average price per square foot also hit a record high at $1,083. The
median apartment price also hit a record at $880,000."

Due to the high cost of renting an apartment in Manhattan, the market for apartments is more geared to ownership - so you buy (with a mortgage) rather than rent (no mortgage).

Via Craigslist.org
Bedrooms: n/a LARGE STUDIO
(490sq ft)

                            Bathrooms: 1

                            Special Note(s):Negotiable Broker fee!


                            Available: Immediately

Allright.. let that sink in. A 490sq. ft. loft, no walls - no rooms. Just a bathroom. Nearly $20,000 a year.

The payments on Forgotten-Roanoke.com HQ V2.0 will be less than half that payment a month.

And thanks to the wonderful power of the all incompassing Internets - I can do just as much business down here as I could up there.

Just something to consider..

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