What a world

I've been out several times in the snow now, but Im waiting for those right moments to grab the camera. You will not find generic snow photos here.

No sir.

So keep an eye out later and tomorrow morning for some photos, and tomorrow at some point for the 2nd half of Henry Gains over on the site.

Otherwise, enjoy the snow folks.. roads are fairly clear, trees are stunning...

Finally - Winter Strikes!

Personal Note

I'd like to extend a happy birthday to my sister.

Or should I call her the Forgotten-Sister?

Well, anyway - Happy Birthday.


Here is is.. The Pod #8

The Pod

For your amusement and edification, a mission-statement of sorts. Perhaps more than that. Perhaps less.

Like it matters. Listen and Enjoy.

You all remember don't you?

It's friday. Podcast day.

it's coming....


The Library Report

Good crowd for the reception at the Virginia Room, showcasing some of the most interesting stuff you haven't seen before.

Like the massive compendium of the Roanoke Times, each page - each edition, pre-1900's.

The Roanoke Beacon, the journal of Roanoke during the early to mid-1800's. The one on display was from 1854. Only 15 originals are still in existence. If I recall - the Beacon published for 15 years or so. Works out to 1 copy per year, if that.

The work the staff of the Virginia room does to preserve and protect, yet keep available all the historic documents it possibly can is beyond admirable. It's heroic. And seeing just a sliver of what they are facing - I'd go so far as to say Herculean.

X-Mayor Smith was there, as was Current-Mayor Harris. The Missus had a nice chat with the mayor regarding the website, of which he knew something about. Nice to know the site is being noticed by those in control of the city.

There were many other nametags on the desk of city council members, the Vice-Mayor, City Manager, and those who sit on the board of the Library and and other such folk.

And myself - your humble webmaster. Not as humble as Mr. RoanokeFirefighters who used the whole shindig as an excuse to do more research, but humble enough as to be more interested in the micro-typed advertisements from the August ??, 1898 edition of the Roanoke Times than being the self-promoting media whore that you expect me to be.

The questions that run through my head when doing the research for the site are as follows: Who? When? What? Then What?

Example: The Ponce De Leon.
Who? Some guy named Trout
When? 1890 or so
What? A hotel, previously a small inn (burned), which burned, was
rebuilt, burned again, rebuilt again, closed, opened as Crystal
Tower (1932).
Then What? Crystal Tower office building, now home to TAP Roanoke. Basement still has spring and stream running under it.
No sign of Roanoke Times editor who fell in, trolls carried him off I

Of course, this is the condensed version. The real version is very much still an ongoing project - as we begin to delve deeper into the history and mystery of the Ponce, and it's sister Hotels - The Patrick Henry, Hotel Earle, and the numerous other hotels which led lives here in Roanoke. Even the mysterious and impossible to locate Powhatan Hotel (look around, you won't be seeing its advertisement for long).

The etherial time that each place holds, the sense of everything each place has seen. Those are all available for you to explore in the Virginia room at the Main Library downtown.

By the by, I am very dissappointed to say I was neither mugged, harassed, nor did I find a single puppy to kick while walking the streets of downtown Roanoke after dark. Shame on you, Roanoke. You have an image to uphold.

But still, it was a wonderful evening at the library - refreshments were provided (although I did abstain from eating, as I had a pot of chili working at home), along with enough staff to answer any questions and fulfill any need. Even if it is just turning a page in history.

Last chance

The library open house begins at 4p. We (wife and myself) will be arriving shortly after 5. Rhett from RoanokeFirefighters has confirmed he will be arriving around the same time.

Now you know the deal - be there or risk missing out on meeting the 2 ultra-hippest, nicest, smartest, warmest, fuzziest, and all-around-great bloggers in Roanoke today.

/end horn-tooting


A personal invitation for you:

Forgotten-Roanoke.com will be putting in an appearance at the Roanoke City Public Library's open house for the Virginia Room. Tomorrow (Thurs) from 4-7pm, the Virginia Room will be having an open house showcasing its vast archive of Davis Photographs, Sanborn Maps, and other historical resources.

Forgotten-Roanoke will be there, along with RoanokeFirefighters - available for shmoozing and wooing, accolades and awards.

But seriously, this is a great opportunity to see more history in one spot than you could normally see in a lifetime. And it's free. For more information, head over to the Roanoke City Library Calendar.

Ed- So anyway, I've been light on the posting lately as my head attempts to set things straight. Ever take on too many projects, knowing how easy they are to finish - but never getting them done properly because there are so many of them?

Yeah, I've been like that lately....

Expect a return to normal posting with tomorrows podcast. Be there tonight, or I'll hunt you down like a errant goat and drag you there. The Main Library, Virginia Room, 4p-7p. This is your last warning.


sad news

: "Meteorologist Marc Lamarre has been relieved of his duties at WSLS (Channel 10), Shane Moreland, the station's news director, said Monday.

'He's no longer an employee of WSLS,' Moreland said. He declined to give further details or to say whether Lamarre had completed the terms of his contract."

Abrupt? certainly, although the rumor mill has been grinding overtime on this one.

I'd rather not speculate, other than to wish Mark well wherever he may land. And hope that he lands safely.

Although I bet Jaime is looking over his shoulder more often now.

/pay those parking tickets boys, those things can haunt you the rest of your life.



Since upgrading to Firefox, and switching to using Performancing as my main blogging tool, I have not had much need to go to my blogger.com account page. Little did I notice that I have surpassed 500 posts, and this one should mark 515 posts total.

Milestones? We don't need no stinkin milestones.


Just a reminder, WikiRoanoke is available for all your Wiki needs. It's free, interactive, and easy to use. And if you can't figure out the password, half of me says you need help, and the other half is willing to tell you outright.

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It's here.

The site update has begun as promised. Head on over to Forgotten-Roanoke and view the Henry Gains section.

A caveat first though: This is a complex story, difficult in it's telling. Roanoke holds an unusual place in the history books in relation to segregation. Gainsboro actually could have been it's own city, side by side with Roanoke proper. With leaders in religion, education, medicine, and law - Gainsboro held its own alongside the city. When Roanoke issued civic bonds - specifically the bonds to build Roanoke Memorial and Crippled Childrens into (roughly) what we know it as today, a sizeable portion of the funds were earmarked for the rebuilding of Burrell Memorial into a modern facility.

A $4 million dollar education bond went to the schools in Roanoke for new buildings and such - and to build Lucy Addison.

When it comes to Roanoke, without one - there would probably be no other. And when history has come and gone, Roanoke should be remembered for it's unique symbiosis with it's twin, Gainsboro.


Just a note...

So you all know, my usual source for old data is currently down - so Im putting the page together anyway. I might need to make additions to it tomorrow, or I might just wait and see what the morning brings before publishing it. You don't know, I don't know - which means, keep checking back.

It's coming

page update later tonight.. Im halfway there, unfortunately - you people don't pay me (there's an idea...) so I have to head to work now.

I would say if you're actually up after midnight, that would be a good time to look. Or just wait till your at work and wasting time using the companys computers, you'll be safe.

Sometime between Midnight and 6am, that work for you? Works for me...