Goood Morning Roanoke!

Another interesting day unfolds here in ol' Noketown. We start with rain and fog, and smoke and mirrors.

Once again - more articles on the Democratic Candidates for City Council and Mayor, but only the Dems. I shall assume there is not one Repub or Indie anywhere within the City of Roanoke remotely interested.

Money - sure it comes down to money. It always does. But write-in candidates usually don't spend much on advertising, if anything at all. Might be an option, if you think about it.

Of course, I'd personally like to see hundreds of write ins, each getting a hundred votes - negating the best efforts of the paid politicians to continue their reign of power.

Anyway - just thought I would toss that out there.

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The Emperor Strikes again

So Harris is going to try for 2... Wonderful.

This should be fun.

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Word on the street is....

That our CEO would not be unhappy if someone, or something - tore down the Market building completely, and replaced it with something more "progressive" like stores and parking.

Yes, you heard me.

Tear it down.

She does not see the value in having yet another city-funded building that requires more funds than it will most likely generate in revenue.

Well, at least she is thinking of our finances.

Think she needs to go yet?

Pardon Moi?

The City Council chooses to find someone else to take on the burden of fixing what it will not.

This is acceptable?

I'm in the Meebo chat to the right, being angry and broody on this one folks.

I think the gauntlet has been thrown down by Emperor Harris and CEO Hillary Burcham.



A touch delayed

Ok, so I had to be in at 6 this morning, which meant I got to read all the headlines from today's paper - but had no time to respond to them.

Although if I know my readers, you know which articles I'm talking about.

#1: Softened Opposition

Straight out balderdash I say. You can always find people to say what you want them to say, but it's what you report that leaves the impression. Now I don't know if Mr. Kittredge has any real inside line or reason for pointing the story in the direction it took, unless is had something to do with the New York Times article from last week. But seriously now, the citizenry of Roanoke has given up, as usual, and accepted it.

I guess they think that once the Council decides it, it's a done deal. And the sad part is, because they act on that belief - it becomes a reality. Which leads us to article #2.

#2: Selling ideas on Market Building

So the Adams boys have teamed up on this story, straight from the desk of Darlene herself - on the age old question: What do we do with another municipal owned building that the city has a poor track record of maintaining?

I think it comes down to this folks, this is the election issue of the next dozen years. The wise, learned individuals down at the Municipal building (which by the way has more unmaintained issues than most realize), including the C.E.O. (self-ordained) of Roanoke have seen fit to decide NOT to maintain any publicly owned structure in the past decade. Most of which had not been maintained since the late 60's as it was.

Rather, they ordered study after study on what to do with these buildings. Studies on how to improve the areas around the buildings, without dealing with the buildings themselves. And now, they are selling off city property - YOUR property - because they no longer want to pretend to spend the money on upkeep.

Sure, they can all promise they do not want the Market Building sold. But Harris, for all his faults, said it best.

From the article: 'Mayor Nelson Harris said the city council must consider a number of alternatives. "One is the market building remaining completely in municipal hands and have it operated by the city," Harris said. "Another option would be some kind of public-private partnership."

In other words - we make no promises folks. We will do what we feel is best to do. That WE does not include YOU. If you wanted something to base your benchmark of a candidate this election cycle on, this is it.

And article #3: Rockledge won't make, or break, Mill Mountain.

I am actually agreeing with Dan Radmacher. I know, I'm just as shocked as you. But like I have said before, Valley Forward is backing the wrong horse on this one. While it is certainly nice that they raised $35,000 for the Greenways (where did the money go by the way?), I've said before - no restaurateur could ever give any sort of guarantee that a restaurant, or a pair of restaurants would succeed on Mill Mountain. As a matter of fact, it would probably be one of the biggest food-related gambles to hit Roanoke in a long time, short of allowing Spanky to operate another restaurant. Maybe now they will get the message - a restaurant on Mill Mountain, no matter how noble the cause - will not be the harbinger of a new era in Roanoke.

Just like the Art Museum and the Market Building, the Restaurant depends on the people - the very same people who have not been consulted, and are generally left out of the process.

I said before - this is a critical election for the City of Roanoke, and regardless of political party, if you cannot see that, you should probably move to the County.

Actually - I would recommend it. Us mouthy minority folks who are ruining it for everyone, well - we are just getting warmed up.