Parking, Parking - Oh how your're gonna pay...

Center in the Square, Church Ave., Elmwood Park, Tower, and Market garages: $1 per half hour, $6 daily maximum.

Gainsboro: $.50 per half hour, $5 daily max.

Higher Ed lot: $.50 per half hour, $5 daily max.

Market and Williamson
: $.75 per half hour, $5 daily max.

Monthly Center
: $90 reserved, $70 unreserved.

Evening Rate

Church, Tower, Market, Higher Ed lot: $2

Gainsboro: $2, $1 discount for RHEC students "with appropriate student documentation when presented to the attendant on duty."

Center in the Square: $3

Saturday Rate:

Tower and Market
: $2 (4pm-9pm only)
Center in the Square: $3 (4pm to 9pm only)

And I am sure all this money will be well accounted for and going precisely where it is intended to go. To build a garage for the folks buying condo's and lofts down the west end of Campbell Ave.

How much one of those going for now? $149k+ if I remember.. certainly they need city-subsidized parking.

Any council member who thinks this is a brilliant way to pay for the parking garages should be made to work on them. Call it "sweat equity", although I have a feeling Harris could not swing anything other than his jawbone - so it might be a while before the garages would be finished.

Anyway, enjoy folks. Oh - and ignore that they canceled the 7 p.m. meeting for lack of anything to do.

Thats right - nothing to see here folks. Keep moving.


8:46:26 am

I hate to use a generic CNN video, but it's very hard to get your hands on a copy of the live NY stations coverage these days.

With any luck - I will never have that worry again.