Parking, Parking - Oh how your're gonna pay...

Center in the Square, Church Ave., Elmwood Park, Tower, and Market garages: $1 per half hour, $6 daily maximum.

Gainsboro: $.50 per half hour, $5 daily max.

Higher Ed lot: $.50 per half hour, $5 daily max.

Market and Williamson
: $.75 per half hour, $5 daily max.

Monthly Center
: $90 reserved, $70 unreserved.

Evening Rate

Church, Tower, Market, Higher Ed lot: $2

Gainsboro: $2, $1 discount for RHEC students "with appropriate student documentation when presented to the attendant on duty."

Center in the Square: $3

Saturday Rate:

Tower and Market
: $2 (4pm-9pm only)
Center in the Square: $3 (4pm to 9pm only)

And I am sure all this money will be well accounted for and going precisely where it is intended to go. To build a garage for the folks buying condo's and lofts down the west end of Campbell Ave.

How much one of those going for now? $149k+ if I remember.. certainly they need city-subsidized parking.

Any council member who thinks this is a brilliant way to pay for the parking garages should be made to work on them. Call it "sweat equity", although I have a feeling Harris could not swing anything other than his jawbone - so it might be a while before the garages would be finished.

Anyway, enjoy folks. Oh - and ignore that they canceled the 7 p.m. meeting for lack of anything to do.

Thats right - nothing to see here folks. Keep moving.


Lotzothoughtz said...

I am really starting to dislike living in Roanoke......overrun by old people and a city council (my bosses in a way) that is bizarrely out of touch.

Philosofik said...

I'm hearing two very different and conflicting things coming from the city council of late. There's their regular, regurgitated "We want more young people to come downtown." The benefits of that are inherent. Young people spend money, despite generally having less of it to spend than their older counterparts. More spending equals more revenue, so it's a good thing.

The other thing I hear is this parking idea. I recognize that there aren't many cities that don't charge for downtown parking. However, there aren't many cities where the average salary is so close to the poverty line, either.

Asking a young person to come downtown to spend what little money he can make in this town, and then charging him more money to do it seems counter-intuitive.

In college, I could usually scrounge up about $15 for a Saturday night out (if I was shrewd in my weekly budget, which wasn't often). $5 of that would pay the cover charge at whatever club we'd go to (and almost all of them charge now). That left $10 for food and drinks and, let's not forget, gas.

I'm not saying that $2 would make or break somebody's weekend. I'm saying it could make him or her think twice about where to spend that weekend.

Mason said...

One of the good things about working downtown is I've figured out where all the hidden, free on-the-street parking is found. I've never yet had to park in a garage.