Is there another Regency Room in Roanoke?

Remember in the last post I told you how I would pass along some of the reports ONLY if they served the public interest, if there was something that I felt the public needed to know?

Well apparently, that sparked someone's interest. I received an e-mail which I understand has bounced and bounced around this fair city. In certain channels anyway.
It just reveals a darker side of City Ha.. Municipal Building politics, and that maybe those of you who voted for change, voted for the MTD ticket, might have been played for suckers.

I will not reprint the entire text here, just a few lines.

From the e-mail: "Mayor Nelson Harris informed Democratic City Chair C W**d that the group he leads who backed the successful "Independent Democrat" ticket in the recent City Council election is going to "take control of this Party." "We won, and we're going to run things," was his explicit message, angrily delivered. "

State Party Chair Cranwell put the brakes on the "movement," making clear that the duly elected City Committee and local Party officers could not and would not be removed simply because some people, including many who didn't even attend the reorganizational meeting last December where there votes would have produced a different outcome, were unhappy with the results of the election. He told them basically that, if you want to have control, you have to participate."

Chair C W**d asserted that the Wednesday meeting had been a "set up" for her, since she was the only person associated with the losing slate of Democratic Council nominees who was invited to the meeting, whereupon in the presence of several people L replied that no, the meeting was instead a set-up for Nelson Harris, who had made a fool of himself. Everyone knew that was very disingenuous, since L is the one who for weeks has been contacting leaders of the Independent movement one-by-one seeking to find out what it would take to get those folks active in regular Democratic Party affairs, and the answer he uniformly got was, "First, you'll have to get rid of your Chair, C W**d.""

Behind the scenes, and reported straight. Unlike some of the other individuals who have also received this e-mail.

Perhaps we should prepare a coronation ceremony for Mayor cum Emperor Harris, or perhaps we should just ignore it as more politics. Make up your own mind.


The OTHER Roanoke Rumor Mill

There's been some interesting rumblings coming across the desk here at the HQ. My little ears have been overhearing some interesting things lately.

Some information concerning current members of the city council and their "questionable ethics" far more concerning than the public currently knows about.

Information concerning the biggest newspaper in SW Virginia's unspoken policy, and why there is such a lack of local news in the paper itself.

Some information concerning the head of a certain bank here, and why he doesn't even bank on his bank.

Oh yes, the information keeps flowing in. And only those items of absolute public interest and need will be unleashed. Most of the information just makes the persons involved look slightly worse than they are. Or in certain cases, slightly more insane.

Suffice it to say this much: This town is not what you think it is, it is not corrupt - on a city level. That being said, many of our "leaders" are either corruptable or corrupted, some by their own hand. This is to be expected, it's politics - after all.

But there are some acts which border on illegal, and due to lack of viable evidence - well, some people are just lucky like that.

Putting it mildly, there is a whole lot of bad karma downtown - and thanks to some "blind eyes", true career suicide has been averted.

For now.

As I said though, unless it's some bit of information so vital - I will not be releasing anything, but realize - I hear almost everything.


Update: Signal the all clear

The foot is fine, thanks for asking. Thanks to the dilligent work of my wife, mother-in-law, and the fine folks over at Starkey Medical - life is peachy again. Although I have come to the hard realization that my size 10's aren't anymore. Thats right folks, one of fates crulest tricks is that there are certain things which keep growing as you get older: your nose, ears, and feet.

So it's time to shuck the soles of old and hunt down some size 11's.. I only had 4 pair to begin with..

Anyway, I bet alot of you are wondering whats been going on around here.. it's been quiet. Eerily quiet.

Well just because you don't see anything does not mean nothing is happening. I do apologize for the lack of updates to the main website, but understand this. The amount of information I have obtained recently, along with the move to a very historic area combine to present me with some challenges. Mostly putting together and accurate timeline and map of the person/place/things that history has forgotten.

Not to mention the side issue of making this information presentable and available, with a software program that is no longer supported (but is based on the same open-source model as firefox), the limitations of free hosting, the availability of offsite file hosting (a great help in keeping the MB useage down), and the day to day business of planning and conducting a coup of common-sense.

But there is a far more important issue right now. I would ask that everyone who can (and few of you cannot) to head to this link at the Mill Mountain Zoo website.

Breaking news on Roanoke.com: "The Mill Mountain Zoo was given a year-long extension on its accreditation request to fix a series of on-going problems involving its finances and exhibits, according to a panel from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums...

The three core issues are improving the zoo’s financial stability, making exhibit improvements and facility upgrades such as building a new quarantine and health center, and addressing low staffing levels."

This is important. We need the Zoo. And seriously, is $15 bucks too much? Too little I'd say. I'm a member, as is the entire organization here at the HQ. Its an investment Roanoke can not afford to make.

I'll have more to say.. I always do.