Update: Signal the all clear

The foot is fine, thanks for asking. Thanks to the dilligent work of my wife, mother-in-law, and the fine folks over at Starkey Medical - life is peachy again. Although I have come to the hard realization that my size 10's aren't anymore. Thats right folks, one of fates crulest tricks is that there are certain things which keep growing as you get older: your nose, ears, and feet.

So it's time to shuck the soles of old and hunt down some size 11's.. I only had 4 pair to begin with..

Anyway, I bet alot of you are wondering whats been going on around here.. it's been quiet. Eerily quiet.

Well just because you don't see anything does not mean nothing is happening. I do apologize for the lack of updates to the main website, but understand this. The amount of information I have obtained recently, along with the move to a very historic area combine to present me with some challenges. Mostly putting together and accurate timeline and map of the person/place/things that history has forgotten.

Not to mention the side issue of making this information presentable and available, with a software program that is no longer supported (but is based on the same open-source model as firefox), the limitations of free hosting, the availability of offsite file hosting (a great help in keeping the MB useage down), and the day to day business of planning and conducting a coup of common-sense.

But there is a far more important issue right now. I would ask that everyone who can (and few of you cannot) to head to this link at the Mill Mountain Zoo website.

Breaking news on Roanoke.com: "The Mill Mountain Zoo was given a year-long extension on its accreditation request to fix a series of on-going problems involving its finances and exhibits, according to a panel from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums...

The three core issues are improving the zoo’s financial stability, making exhibit improvements and facility upgrades such as building a new quarantine and health center, and addressing low staffing levels."

This is important. We need the Zoo. And seriously, is $15 bucks too much? Too little I'd say. I'm a member, as is the entire organization here at the HQ. Its an investment Roanoke can not afford to make.

I'll have more to say.. I always do.

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New Roanoke said...

I don't know. While the Zoo is worthwhile, there are other things (say social programs/charities) that the 15 bux could go to.