Windy City Blues

So how many of you are keeping track of what debris you have found on your property?

I have found: 6 roof shingles (not from my own thankfully)
3 strips of film from someones vacation to the grand canyon
1 apple and 1 orange (just to be difficult - the apple was nicer than the orange)
untold amounts of junk mail, most of which had to do with some carpet business
1 tennis ball (bad day to play fetch, eh sparky?)
And that's just in the back yard. That does not include the endless "soon to be mulch" pile of organic debris.

Oh, and a big batch of scruples. Not sure whose those are, but none of the presidential candidates have come to town - so I will assume they are local.

SO we have 2 new faces headed for the Council chambers. Rosen and Price, and let's not forget Lea - who is going to miss his little buddy Wishneff. But I am sure he can play nice with everyone.

Rosen, a land developer who moved here from DC; and Price - a school age guidance counselor. Those are your soon-to-be representatives. Combine Price with Trinkle and you get "cradle-to-grave" coverage. And I am sure Rosen has no interest in development of anything.

Well, I for one am still hoping for some good indies to come forth. There is still time, the deadline is a bit less than a month away.

Anyway, here's hoping for some light zephyrs rather than force 9 gales - and that goes for the elections too.

Oh - which reminds me. Did anyone else hear the Art Museum took some damage from the storm? I heard it once, but it's not been in the paper. I'm just curious.

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