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I out myself as a Trekkie. And now that Season 7 of DS9 is out on DVD, I started thinking about the best episodes of all the series - this one takes all.

There is no finer, more explicit example of Star Trek & Roddenberry's mandate that Star Trek deal with real life issues. The horrors of war, felt and experienced as never before on TV.

Darkest. Episode. Evar.

And worth it.


Welcome to Roanoke, Va.

If you would all be so kind as to point your browsers to this link, you'll find something new to reward your patience.

Chapter closed..

For the most part, the chapter I previously spoke of, is ended. With some minor details to finalize - like the other half my pay for the time worked.

I will say this much, it is a sad thing to have a part of your fate decided by someone with no connection to reality. The haze of moonshine (yes, really) has severed the connection. And as well meaning and as kind hearted as they can be, the rage of decades drunk have taken effect.

I feel bad really, because things could have worked so differently. But I'll move on, like I always do - and land somewhere else with a knife in my hand and a cutting board under the blade.

Although I might need a break - do I hear Deli work in my future?

There is life outside this glowing box

We here at RoanokeFound (a subsidy of Forgotten-Roanoke Industries) have come upon one of those life changing moments. Well, ok - its not as dramatic as it sounds, but it aint great.

When your working, but apparently not getting paid for it, and you have no faith you will get paid - what do you do? When self-destruction seems to be the motto of your workplace, what do you do?

We here at RoanokeFound, we are in a quandry. Things change quickly it seems - and allies become enemies. There are laws that govern every aspect of work, every job one takes in life. Trusts are built, action creates response. Minature communities, if not families, are formed.

There are always signs that there is a problem afoot, but due to trust, you write them off as something wholly different. You want the entire operation to succeed. You want everyone involved to succeed.

But success is often stalked by failure and doubt. Logic is shattered. The critical moments between conception and birth are squandered. The restaurant industry will lift you up higher than you thought, and smash you down twice as hard.

more to follow....


roanoke.com - Commentary Stories -A mean-spirited attack on backers of stadium renovation

roanoke.com - Commentary Stories -A mean-spirited attack on backers of stadium renovation: "Is this the role our newspaper should play in our public debate? Is this responsible journalism that seeks to serve the community? "

Sounds like Mr. Revercomb might be headed to the Dark Side. I've been watching the Times quietly for the past week, and not saying much. But yesterdays front page, and now this today - in-fighting among the columnists aired in public (?!?), leads me to believe the Times is becoming schizophrenic in its ideas.

I can understand the need to put Deep Throat on the front page yesterday - yes, its news allright. But time and time again the Times bypasses its whole reason for existence, and puts only national and international stories on the front page. Even the Virginia section includes stories pulled from the Wire(s) and not even remotely based in Virginia. The Roanoke Times is a Roanoke paper in name only.

Now I know they have local writers working on the staff there, yet they see fit to bury their stories either deep inside Section A, or not in it at all. First interest you have in a paper on a daily basis is what you see immediately upon recieving it. Kinda like hearing NY'ers talk about stories that are either "above or below the fold." Highest acclaim for a writer at the NY Times or WSJ is getting a byline thats above the fold. And considering the daily thickness of the RT, shouldnt it really be a tabloid size, not a broadsheet? I guess that would make it too easy to devote the front page to local news, and let people find the national stuff inside on page 4 or 5. Oh, and I would like to call upon the RT to place a moritorium on reporting on the War in Iraq. Your not telling us anything new anymore, and quite frankly - a glimpse at the headline tells us all we need to know about the story. Wasted space. If something truly newsworthy happens - then devote a full column to it, but a 3 column story on yet another "insurgent bombing" in Iraq is not needed. Most of us are rational people, capable of understanding the hows, whys, wheres, and who shook fist angrily without tedious repetitive detail.

Now I don't think I have ever really read a Joe Kennedy piece, but thats due to my lack of interest. The few I have glanced at haven't impressed me. Same with Shanna Flowers - exactly what is the purpose of having her column anywhere else but on the OP/ED page? I say the same about Joe. Ben Beagle (Hi Ben!) belongs on the front page of the Extra section when he runs because his column does not try and make any grand statements, it's a entertainment column, with local rememberances and ponderances and whatnot. If the Times really thought about it - he would be perfect for the Front page, below the fold. Harmless, and he would not detract from the obviously important news from abroad, but at least they would have something local on the page.

In short, the Times is acting like it is composed anywhere but Roanoke, peiced together as the stories are filed from the field reporters. National stories off the wire being the first ones to come rolling in, and require the least editing. I know something goes on at that big building downtown, Im just not sure what...


Oh, Hi there....

Hows it going? Good, good.. uh.. Guess your here to see something huh?


so.. uhhh...hmmm

yeah, its around here somewhere.

HEY, hows about them Avalanche? Hell of a team this year...

Boy that Roanoke Times pisses me off.. yeah, totally gets my goat...


Umm.. its coming ok? Sheesh.. like I dont have 18 things going at once. Boy, your getting demanding. Do you know that? How demanding you can be lately?

Oh, anyone up for a podcast? (asking for more work, idiot)
If anyone has a microphone they would like to donate to the cause, Im more than happy to take it. And perhaps a good primer on how to podcast. Many years ago I was FCC licenced to run the board for a radio station - this digital thing escapes me. Im still looking for the cart rack.

Heres a quick one for ya, how many of you readers (I know your there) would be willing to do a tour of downtown one sunday - a photo tour? (yes, more work) I've got too many ideas.. feel free to tell me to shut up and get back to work.

ok ok - Im going...


here is your sneak peak at whats coming up next on Forgotten Roanoke. We have hacked the archives of Valley Metro for this project, hence all the secrecy these past few weeks. The FBI has been on our trail. But fear not, FR will go on! Oh, and thanks to Donna Chamberlain over at Valley Metro, uhh.. for providing us with the encryption key passcodes. Yeah, thats it - passcodes. Posted by Hello