Im sorry.. but you all need to see this

I don't care about his past, his politics, or his conspiracy-minded movies...

Oliver Stone deserves a medal for this alone..

World Trade Center (requires quicktime)

If you saw it on TV, heard it on the radio, or watched it in person.. This is very troubling to see. But knowing the story behind it, the true story of 2 Port Authority Cops.. the last 2 survivors to be pulled alive...

Somehow it makes the pain worth it.

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A note

Oh I know I haven't been around much, but work is still work - the program I use to build the pages for Forgotten-Roanoke.com is giving me agita, I've got a dental thing tomorrow.. and I'm as happy as ever at the prospect of seeing the Dentist. But you know what they say: "He who breaks the law goes back to the House of Pain."

I should have some time this weekend to get a good deal of stuff done. Everything but the podcast, which I will restart and revamp in the next week or two.

So there's your update... if your a praying kind of person, tomorrow would be a good one to send a little love my way..

Dentist.. erggg


It lives...

Ever have one of those moments where you stumble across something online that takes you back.. way back.. to the days before DSL, before the internet was common, back in the BBS days. (forget it kids, Im not going to explain it.. and GET OFF MY LAWN!)

Before disco was reborn, hip-hop was still something that made sense (especially if you listened to PE), and rock got wishy-washy...

listen, and remember...

Pantera- Cemetary Gates


Mindless ramblings

I've been reading over the Roanoke Times' messageboard today (new page is partly finished.. having trouble with the program crashing, might be a day) and I have to say, the lack of actual discourse is troubling.

The only real opinions on such weighty topics as Victory Stadium, Roanoke being ranked 2nd most dangerous in Virginia, et. al.. are provided by ex-Roanokers who left.

Whassup wit dat?

Like when the Star City Bloggers Alliance had its meeting, not one of us was a Roanoke native. Just recently we have added our first Roanoke-born and raised Blogger. Yet everyone I talk to has opinions on just about everything, and most of them are native. So why not go public with them? If you have a better idea, a better plan, or a different thought - whats holding you back from speaking your mind?

I don't get this fear..

Fear of what is the big question.. Someone recently told me "reprisal from the City." Well, if your not employed by the city.. why fear reprisals? They apparently don't bother much with regular citizens, we still have at least 3 scumbag landlords living the life here.

Fear of discourse? Maybe you are afraid someone will disagree? Is this a popularity contest? Don't rock the boat kinda thing?

Someone also recently said "Roanoke fears competition." Well, partially I can agree on that. But few places do, honestly like competition. But on a personal level, maybe people are afraid of having to justify their opinions. Why, I'm not really sure of... but its possible.

Why is it the city has to "contract-out" its celebrations? The St. Pat's day parade, Festival in the Park, and just about every other event the city could possibly have. It's my belief that the City is pulling a CYA scam.. letting some "front organization" take the hit should something go wrong, lawsuits would be aimed at EventZone and not the city itself.

Another level removed from the citizens, just like we remove ourselves from eachother. Know your neighbors? How well...

Ever organize a block party? Maybe get together with the neighbors up and down the street to talk about life on the block? For those of you in apartments, ever think to ask your fellow residents about maybe getting together and cleaning the common areas once in a while? It would improve life for you and them, and you might get to know them.

Or do you just nod your head as you pass them?

Again, is it fear, or just the 21st century way of life?

Whats going on here Roanoke? Or have you not even noticed....


Reaching Back

Well, another Mother's Day has come and gone. Busy as it was, it all worked out in the end. Once again, I can breathe deep.

I did not get the chance to take my head out of the oven much yesterday, so I missed a good chunk of the weather. But the clouds.. Oh the clouds...

Easy to see why those who travelled down the Wagon Road (roughly Rt. 11, with less traffic) came to a screeching halt here in Roanoke.

It's not so very hard to imagine, you just need to remove every building downtown, every home.. just pristine land (and buffalo).

When Im writing about a location (as Im doing now, update to the site launches tomorrow morning), I tend to travel back to when there was nothing there. Then slowly, my mind moves the image forward as I try and figure "why there?"

Doing the series (slated for launch this summer) on the west side of Downtown, west of the courthouse and all that, should give my imagination a workout. There's more to the story than you realize, unrecorded things. What seemed to be part of life back then, the day to day, would probably amaze us now.

I remember hearing one story of a recent Irish immigrant (1884), fresh from work at the N&W shops and paycheck in hand, bought some of the "good ould stuff" at a greengrocer on Salem Ave. He walked over to Campbell Ave. where he promptly took a fish from a market, tied it to a string and sat fishing in a mudpuddle. Each time a coach passed, he would pull the fish out of the puddle and hoot with excitement.

Well, needless to say, this attracted the eye of the law. When asked by the officer, the Irishman offered up this explanation: "This is the best fishing hole around, these streets being so muddy and all, all you have to do is dip your line in and you catch one."

The officer was not amused, and threatened to take the Irishman in. At which point the Irishman offered this; "If you can beat me in a fair fight, I'll go willingly."

The officer and the Irishman walked around the corner to a nearby alley, where the officer took off his jacket and the two engaged in a fair fight. After 20 minutes or so, both men decided it was a draw, and the officer put his jacket back on and told the Irishman not to be caught fishing without a license again. They both laughed, and went their merry ways. There are no more recorded incidents of this particular gent being picked up (or fought), and no mention of the police officer facing reprecussions from this.

But that was the Old Roanoke.. a time long passed, before the pettiness of Victory Stadium, the confusion on the part of the City Leaders to steer the city towards progress..

Back when reason and common sense were allowed.

Although it does leave me with one question: Why is this city so afraid to compete? Terrified of competition, they settle for what they allready have rather than attempt to improve it. If you have an idea, I'd be happy to hear it.


A Mother's Day Wish

Once again, Mother's Day is here. So I thought I'd send all you wonderful mothers out there a card, from us here at Forgotten-Roanoke - to you, the best moms in the whole world.

Yes, you are the best, Mom! Happy Mother's day to all you moms wherever you are.