Dear Bill,

Please, stop it.

We know, we know. You folks are good and valiant and noble, and celebrate the diversity and whatnot.

8 people, black/white/men/women/young/old - all of them previous democrats, and tied into the system in one way or another. Not a single outsider in the race. Not a single "new" face - not to anyone who pays attention.

Perhaps we should call them the "Friends of H."

In short, because you got passed over for this round of elections - do not be such a good little soldier and tow the party standards. They are old, tired, and no one believes them anyway.

Just like that "oath," simple grounds for removal. Say something against the Democrats while a Dem.. shame shame shame. You took an oath.

An oath means nothing coming from duplicitous, sneaky, Machiavellian politicians of any sort - but worse on the heels of the disgrace of the Reorganization meeting.

Please - stop assuming the people are stupid. We know what you are about, and we don't like it. You are taking advantage of the complete disorganization of the rest of the city to enact your own little schemes, we know that too. We know a whole lot about how you do things.

Please, go away. That is all.


Oh. I thought we took care of that problem.


Now it seems that Patrick Henry is over-run with them.

First, on Saturday - the rats from City Hall descend upon PH. I'm sorry, I should say "quite obviously the best thing to ever hit this town, considering the Republicans can't even get a ticket together life is so full of sunshine and roses."

The Democratic primary. Where as few as 4 people could decide the fate of nearly 100k. And that's not including the MSA. That's right - if we get screwed, you do too.

Emperor Harris and Queen Burcham will be spending the night in PH, so they can be there to kiss the feet of the true overlord on Sunday.

Queen Hillary arrives to give lip-service and tear up, pander and promise on Sunday. Part of her "Confusion for America" tour.

Can you stomach it Roanoke? A city council that really doesn't give a rat's ass if you vote or not? A former first-lady who fits in perfect with our own City Manager?

Makes me want to call in sick from Reality this weekend, and live in the dream world of the new City Democrats. Fortunately, I have to work.

And yes, I am seriously going to throw up if I hear the words "Young Professional" and "amphitheater" in the next 24 hours.

Someone tell me - what do you really expect of your Council? Other than the obvious fixing of roads and the basic infrastructure stuff. The good stuff - what is it? What would get you involved in an election?


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forgot that before...

Words failed me

Sure, there was much to be said last week. I was in the process of putting together a nice post recapping the week in my head for the weekend.

Saturday morning everything was derailed.

I had barely skimmed the entire paper on Saturday morning, opting to head straight for the "Letters to the Editor" as I usually do. The wife alerted me to something I missed, on the front page of the Virginia section.

GOP will sit out Roanoke elections.

Now, thankfully I have very large very sturdy coffee cups, as I slammed the one in my hand down on the table in disgust and shock.

Not one person to run for ANY of the open seats, including that of Harris. Disgraceful.

To me, this means all these guys, and these guys, are failures and directly to blame.

If ever you needed a better reason to gain candidates and stir up the pot of dissent against the current administration - you couldn't find one than the current state of the City.

Well, once again - we, the people, have been failed by our "leaders." Now our only hope is some decent, sane and strong independents to guide us. March 4th is the deadline for that, so let's get busy folks - and don't forget - the election board has to count write-in votes too.

The Burcham-crats, or Harris-crats, or Piece-o-Crats have the upper hand for now. But they also have all the baggage and damage control. They can, and for the good of the city, must be replaced.

Or do I need to go from door to door with a lantern looking for that one semi-honest, pissed off man to run.

And before I get the obvious comment of "why don't you run" - who says I am not?

I have made no declarations as of yet.

But shame on the Republicans... pitiful.