How long?

How long can I keep you waiting? I have not had much of a chance to post lately, and although I still have the same rambling posts in my head - I rarely have time to put them online. Long posts anyway - thats why I tried Twitter, but that became too easy for a one-off complaint. 140 charicters does not leave much for substance.

So you folks tell me, do I keep going - posting infrequently, but with some substance? Do I Twit, and try to be snarky and direct? Or is it time to give up, and leave this Roanoke Blogging stuff to the professionals that are now making up most people's daily reading lists?

I still get dirt from City Hall from time to time, and as you know - I have no problem posting rumors - but with the addition of certain bloggers now in Roanoke - some of my sources are more than worried about saying anything. Especially with the Roanokers article on Queen Darlene. It was a softball article, bringing up some good questions - but not nearly all the questions.

How many city vehicles has she wrecked during her time here? How much did she cost the city in Towing? And what happens to any other city employee who puts a dent in a city vehicle? And of course, there's a ton more they could have printed - but chose not to. They posted a bunch of facts and figures. What I just posted are facts in the form of questions.

They did say one thing in the article however that speaks directly to the problem of the City Council.

Not a single one of them has ever run a business of this magnitude, and most of them have never run a business. So, our City Council - which gets paid 12-15k a year for being on the Council, have no idea why they are being paid for being on the Council. That stipend is supposed to offset costs related to doing the business of the council; missed days of work, travel expenses - basically to replace income lost due to being a member of the council. I wonder if any of them actually NEED that money - or if they are the kind who make money weather at work or not?

2 options surface here: Either an all volunteer Council, no stipend - limited reimbursements OR a fully paid council, this way they would not be beholden to a dayjob - but rather to the dayjob that is the city.

The Govt. of Roanoke needs an overhaul, and I have been saying it for years.

But I haven't been saying much lately. So what say you - keep going? Or let it be.

Let me hear from you....