Roanoke Firefighters

Roanoke Firefighters

Got an e-mail from a nice guy who is doing his best to record the history of roanoke's firefighters and ems workers. A worthy cause if I ever heard of one. Check out his blog, and keep an eye on it - its a bit more concise than having to hunt through the Roanoke Times every day to read on the citys real heroes.

And I dont mean the twits behind the Art Museum and Solar Reflector.


roanoke.com Travel (travel where?) (+1 update)

roanoke.com's alleged history site. History@Roanoke.com, as they call it, hasnt been updated in nearly a year.

Yesss, time for me to bitch off about this one. Irks me to all hell. Im always doing research for the site, and I come across this series of pages often. Great photos, but damnit to all hell, not one shred of information.

Example:Downtown Lookup These pics are from 1997, and as nice as they are - how much has the city changed since 97? And there is no information in the "blurb" written to accompany the pics.

Just this: Address, title, general architectural description. Yanno what, this is not This old House, so try again. And I will quote - "124 East Campbell Ave. Twists and Turns This three-story commercial building was constructed in 1900 during the Romantic Revival Period. The modillioned and dentilled cornice includes a wide frieze board supported by brick pilasters with a narrow Ionic capital." Accompanyed by a picture of the building as a whole, rather than the small peice of building your supposed to identify it by.

Who writes this stuff?

This is the kind of thinking thats getting us the Roanoke Art Museum and Solar Reflector. Oh - and just a side note about that. Anyone with a Stainless Steel sink will tell you - Stainless Steel Stains.

The more I read these descriptions of the buildings, the more I think they were written by someone who has never been to Roanoke. Or maybe was here once.

Well - at least I let you know Im releasing pictures into the wild unfiltered. And I can promise you - at some point, each picture will have an explination with it. And it will appear on a page, as part of a whole story.

Boy - its not THAT difficult is it? Then again, it is the Roanoke Times.


If I may direct your attention to Mr. Myatt

roanoke.com - Weather Stories -Spring is about to take a break

I cant stop reading his colums. In NY, we had much advance warning on weather. Very very rarely did something happen that was unexpected. And once you were in a pattern, you stayed in that pattern. Which meant a week of rain, a week of sun, a month of heat and humidity with no cooling.. Basically dull.

Roanoke, being where its situated, doesnt have that problem. You'll have a land-based hurricane raging at us from the west - and when it gets here - we have wind. Maybe a shower. Its kinda fascinating in a geeky way. Ive always been a weather nut, having taken a few classes in umm.. k.. cul.. callage? ;) Back in NY we had weathermen who would eat Mark LaMarr and Robin Reed for lunch. These guys were intense. One used to yell a greeting at the beginning of every forecast. And I mean YELL. "HelllOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Trenton!"


Then we had the father and son team. Dad was warm and wise, son was hyper and intense.

Kevin Myatt kinda reminds me of them.. he has the brains, he has the interest. I can pratically see him drooling over some violent radar. Kinda guy who would love to be on a barrier island during a Cat. 5 hurricane. With a camera.

Oh Im probably wrong about that - most people arent as nuts as I am. And yes, I would lash myself to a lighthouse and ride out a Cat 5.

Yeah I know.. I could sit in the stands at Wicktory Stadium and ride out a flood...




New page!!!! yes, thats right - NEW.. and its a PAGE!

stunning, no?

tired, sleep - add more later. page not totally done- just wanted to get it up and started.


A riddle

What begins at 18th st. SE and runs to 18th St. SW.? Its the object of the next entry on ForgottenRoanoke. Campbell Ave. In Stages.

Episode 1 - the obvious. Downtown. From I-581 west to 2nd St. SW.

But the big question is - which way after that? Stay SW, or go SE?

Oh the drama..... Stay Tuned

Ep. 1 slated for posting by Wensday the latest.