Been a while

Let me tell you, I know I could be more communicative. More angry, visceral.

But gosh darn is it hard when you have a 7 month old.

There have been times I've been ready to sit down and hammer out some diatribe on something (perhaps the disappearance of Valley Forward; or the camouflaged Art Museum which is at once remarkably hideous, and unremarkable at the same time), only to be distracted by a winning smile and a hand close to the USB cord for my cell phone.

I guess I could just write draft after draft, hoping that I finish them and publish them - or jot notes throughout the day.

Maybe, as things settle down into a groove (amorphous, but groove none the less), I'll get back to the full time blogging thing. But for now, heck - I'm happy.

Although - and this is a heads up for all you out there, I hear tale of a certain Chef on the comeback trail to blogging. Yep, Chef K is on his way back folks.

And you thought I was cantankerous...