Forgotten Roanoke goes LIVE to the streets!

Can we HAVE anymore festivals in one day??? Chili Cookoff, Strawberryfest, Shriners Parade, Antique Auto Show at the VMT, and then tonight - the outdoor fashion show.

Well, except for tonight - Forgotten Roanoke will be there for all of them. Forgotten Roanoke does not do fashion. Well, I dont do fashion anyhow, my wife is quite fashionable. I howe'er, am a cook. I dont need fashion, I just need a slightly non-grimy uniform. Which I keep thinking (wrongly) I have.

So yes, Forgotten Roanoke will be out and about downtown today. If you should happen to recognize me, or just feel like yelling out "Where is Forgotten Roanoke???" - go right ahead. I wont stop you.

However, I will have chili in my system. Consider that a warning.

(least Im honest about it. I dont try and blame the invisible hamster.)


This is the highest photo Ive ever taken from my car. I post this for Mr. Lick, who will please understand that in NY, there are no horizons. Just more houses, and New Jersey. And who wants to see NJ. Im getting dizzy just looking at this again...



Ok - now honestly, this is probably one of the best user-tools Ive ever seen a government produce. I reccomend it to everyone, if for no other reason than keeping track of this Saturdays many many many festivals and whatnot.

whatnot. (I love that non-word)

If you consider yourself involved in this city, then this is your first stop for information.

The Roanoke Slant

Lord, heres where I get myself in trouble.

Lars, your right. Lars - your absolutely right the Roanoke Times does have a lean (hell, more like a dip) to the left. But damn Lars, can't you show some passion?

I can't stand political blogs which read like "The Care and Feeding of your Gerbil." (worse still, I actually had it as a 45 back in the days of vynil)

If you saw Lars on the DBJ7 piece about 'blogs' (god were they stunned these things even exist!), he's not that dry of a guy. He has personality - I'd probably have a wonderful conversation with him, but oy.

But I find this in quite a few of the Times choices as Blogs, theyre nice - thoughtful - safe.

And being from the land of the Hilldabeast, Sharpie Sharpton, and Ed "How am I doin?" Koch - I realize Im coming from a totally different world of politics. Some of the op/ed pieces in the NY Daily News would probably cause a nasty rash among some citizens down here. And the letters to the editor, wow.

I honestly think the time has come for Roanoke to get iself a 2nd newspaper. The Times has become complacent, not lazy per-se, but comfortable. They know they are the only game in town, so what do they have to worry about. Its not like people can cancel and get another paper. But, in an interesting twist - circulation numbers are down. I guess more people are turning to the internet for their news.

There is always the Roanoke Journal online. Again, I might not agree with everything written - but at least it shows some "gumption." Dudes got cohones.

If we could charicterize the blogs by newspapers - the Roanoke Journal would be the NY Post - an old attack dog, not afraid to get down in the muck. The Times is much like the NY Times - you accept what we say as right, or you are wrong. I'd put Lars blog down as the Wall St. Journal, great for information - but dry.

Myself - I'd like to think of myself as the NY Daily News. Lots of comics, plenty of social commentary and local news, and a whole column of "stories of the odd."

I don't mind attracting a few nuts, I personally own quite a few tinfoil hats.

Anyway - rave on.




Big ol' update over at the site, using a Microsoft program that doesnt crash on contact. I am able to bring to you, the 1925-1926 Jefferson Theatre Program!!!

Now if only someone could tell me where it was..

oh yeah - happy Cinco De Mayo! No it does not mean go out and get drunk.. sheesh. What do you think this is, St. Patricks Day??

Hey - Im Irish, Im allowed.

/racking up those frequent flyer miles for a one way trip to hell

New Progress (we progress)

New Progress

Perhaps learning from the past can guide us in the future. Or put anpther way, when the leaders fail to value what the led value, the women get pissy and take over.

I have a copy of John Nolen's "Public Reservations and Thoroughfares." Complete with maps, keys, demographics, and all inclusive. There was not a thing the man missed in laying out the city. I think you'll find that even today, some of his plans are/were implemented, and several current plans bear a rather striking resemblance to what he laid out.

Look around. Roanoke has lost alot of its history, even the demolition (deservedly so) of the Star City Diner was a loss even if only for the architectural style of it. Theres something to be said for having a Big Boy hanging around town.

What we have to decide now, and I do mean now - is how do we replace what we have lost, and how do we plan to go ahead in the future. The Roanoke City Coucil had draw up the "Vision 2001-2020" plan. Ambitious and smart. But remember, we are now living in the future. Next year will be the same. We are living in the time when everyone thought we would have flying cars, rocket packs, and computers that created meals (Foodaracacycle!).

Read the plan, debate it. Figure out what has been implemented, and what hasnt. Then if you like the idea - go bother the city council to stick to it. Im liking this plan, because it keeps what we have and protects what is to come.

In NY, we had a problem we called NIMBY (not in my backyard). This mindset kept viable transportation and housing from being developed. The lawsuit happy, eternally wealthy citizens of one town have essentially killed a large commercial area. An area that used to recieve 500 freight cars a week was "legislated" out of existence. And why? Because the trains had to travel 2 miles through their town. Well what they didnt care about was the fact that now, not only are all those jobs lost - but all the goods that were formerly shipped by rail are now trucked everywhere - adding to the congestion. Oh wait - they dont allow trucks in their community either.

Im calling shennanigans on that one. And I have personally seen the police pull over 18 wheelers and escort them out of the town limits.

In some ways I see that trend beginning in Roanoke County, and in Smith Mountain Lake's area. But with the Vision 2001-2020 plan, it takes away the NIMBY power, and keeps the whole ballgame legit.

Anyway. as always...

MTF (more to follow)


Ol' Begnnnings

I recently found this picture. Im not going to say how, its not that interesting. But what is interesting, to me anyway, is that once again - this is Roanoke. As a matter of fact, this IS Roanoke. Old sturdy stone base, a little weathered, but still climbing upwards. And with a fairly sizeable chunk of land that just needs some careful mangement, these stone steps could lead to something wonderful.


I am highly encouraged by the new Colonial Golf Course idea. Being from NY, we had a little thing called "Levittown". A vast, sprawling, unintelligently designed community which spawned hundredes of mini-suburbias across the nation. With the suggesting of a totally new neighborhood in Roanoke, the mind wonders. Will this be that C2C competitions fruits? Will the RRHA make this the next phase for the Villages at Lincon? Will this provide the balance for Roanoke County's multiple upper-middle to Ultra-first class? High and holy hell, what is up with Roanoke County handing land over to high high income developers?

Aint nothing wrong with a modular home. Manufactured homes too. Heck, Im still irked that the Victorians next to the Patrick Henry arent there anymore. Ooooh, victorian.


roanoke.com - Columnists - Blogging in Southwest Virginia

Yanno what, Im beginning to think that maybe newspapers should avoid the whole blogging issue. The Roanoke Times blogroll is beginning to look a little silly.

And yes, I am still bothered by the AdverBlogging.

very bothered.


An apology of sorts

All those of you coming here this weekend expecting to find updates, I am truly sorry. I havent had the time to put anything new together.

Been busy at work, today is the "longest day", which means another day lost instead of updating. I do promise to get something together for Monday, it wont be anything stunning but thats because Im working on the real stunner - due mid-may if not sooner.


Yes mid-may. Start looking for signs of Forgotten-Roanoke around town. If this thing gets any bigger we might have to move from Cox to a dedicated server. We have had hits from the feds. THE FEDS!!

No, I cant explain it either. However if anyone can point me to a truly free site tracker, I would much appreciate it. I want as much info as possible, but if I have to start paying for bandwidth, I dont want to pay for tracking. Yanno? Priorities.

Anyway - enjoy your sunday, I shall return tomorrow when I am better rested.

This week ends the morning shift, so I should be able to get a schedule down at some point for updating the site.