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There will be no podcast today as upon my 2nd listen (I always listen at least twice before presenting it to you, the audience) I realized it was horrible. Just awful. Well, maybe not so bad - but pretty meandering without apparent intent. And I think that might just be illegal here in Virginia.

Get a ticket for Failure to control thought process.

So no podcast today, maybe tomorrow - at the very least, an audiopost tomorrow - to make up for the lack of a full pod.

What can I say, eet muz be zee wethzer....

Stormee Wezzer...

Quiet days.....

Well, you know the deal - another hour or two and there will be a podcast, which you won't listen to... Because you people don't love me.

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Position Paper #1: Decisions, Decisions...

Welcome to the first in a series of position papers written especially for you, the public, so that you may understand my stance on certain topics so that you may readily decide if I am worthy of your support in my bid to become Overlord of Roanoke.

Todays topic: Decisions, Decisions....

As you all know, Victory Stadium has long caused headaches among the electorate in Roanoke. Even as I write this, an independant slate has been announced for City Council. A trio of canidates, each with various backgrounds and experiences, and yet the only issue we have heard about (as of yet) is Victory Stadium, and the stadiums to be built at the High Schools.

As if the City Council is not crippled enough with the talk of "what to do with Victory," and having invited the War of the two Stadiums to dominate water-cooler talk since the Nov. 7th meeting. The lack of decision-making skills on the part of the City Council is disheartening at best. And this is just one issue that nearly brought the city to a halt on several occasions.

The revitalization of Downtown is another matter entirely. The City Market Building lease issues, the Art Museum unable to find a willing contractor and basically allowing one of the most valuable lots downtown to sit vacant. Elmwood Park and the problem of the city's homeless. Jefferson St. and its vast empty retail spaces. The development of downtown living, be it apartments or condominium, and the lack of resources for living downtown 24/7.

And the city council studies, and studies, and waits, and studies... and yet continues to pay for these studies with no decision made. The new zoning regulations are the first step in optimizing space within the city, yet there is still indecision about them.

I see no reason for indecision on any of these issues. Victory Stadium would be the easiest solution. In a nutshell, corporate sponsorship. Victory Stadium at Carilion BioMed. AEP Victory Stadium. Victory Stadium, sponsored by Roanoke Fruit and Produce.

Simply put - allow for sponsorship of the stadium, get a comprehensive list of repairs and upgrades that need to be made, and use the funds raised by sponsorship to do the work. Was that hard?

Oh right, the high school "stadia". Simple enough as well. Permanent steel bleachers, simple brick and mortar bathrooms, a pair of mobile concession stands (one at each school), a simple scoreboard (unless corporate sponsorship wishes to donate a higher tech one in return for their name on the board), and a top notch playing surface. Steel bleachers with perma-seating for 750, depending on traffic counts for each game that number could be adjusted. Dedicated parking for each game, at a fee which would be a donation for the club or group (school based) which operates parking that day/night.

And thats done.

As for the redevelopment of downtown, I know most of you have never heard of it, but the city offers a program for first time homebuyers. Well, perhaps the city could offer a program for first-time business owners. In addition, funds should be available for the city to buy some of the vacant buildings and lots downtown. These properties could then be offered at attractive rates to businesses which are interested in relocating downtown.

Example: The Heironimous building on Jefferson. There is no reason why a building so large should be vacant, with the exception of the current owner being unable to find someone to outright buy the entire building. I know I have touched on this before - but the building could become a magnet for downtown shopping and recreation. A cafe or two, shops, and a one-stop source for all your ticket needs in the Roanoke area would be a perfect use for the space. Along with building regional bonds, (ie. inviting VT to sell some tickets to games at the ticket counter) it would draw people off Market a little further than most go now. Which in turn, would benifit the area surrounding... And perhaps in a few years time, and with regional support, satillite locations could be opened in Greensboro, Blacksburg, Bedford, Danville, Lexington, Lynchburg, Martinsville, and yes, even Smith Mountain Lake.

Every place within a 2 hour drive should be included and a 2-way communication should be opened.

With tickets for the Science Museum being sold in Blacksburg, tickets to Salem Avalanche games being available for pick-up in Martinsville, and Virginia Dare cruise tickets available in Downtown Roanoke, the regional commerce would become truly local. A 2 hour drive is a day trip for most people, and with a destination in mind and tickets in hand - people will travel.

Summation: In short, Roanoke finds itself at the unique moment in history when it would be easiest to upgrade for the future, using that which we have available in the present. The constant studies, expert opinions, and debates have locked Roanoke at a standstill. Roanoke needs decisions, hard and fast, and absolute. But those decisions must be made with an eye towards the future.

Thank you.


Why all the secrecy at Tanglewood?

Stories that contradict themselves abound suddenly - first the rumor was Kohl's last year. Then Kroger was going to take the former Brendle's. Then TJ Maxx, then according to their own spokesperson (in either the Roanoke Times or Blue Ridge Business Journal) claimed the space was being carved up 4 ways.

Now according to this article TJ Maxx is taking the space.

Wonderful, but what was with all the secrecy?

And then this: "The mall will announce at least five new retailers in 2006, Spaid said.
A.C. Moore Arts Crafts is set to open in a space in the front of
the mall, beside the Stein Mart entrance."

AC Moore was supposed to open in (if I remember the sign correctly) Spring 2006. Now it says February, when do we get the real date? A logical thought would be they want to be open by Valentine's Day - snag some of that crafty crowd making gifts for loved ones. But why not say that?

And as for these 5 new retailers to be announced? Are the contract negotiations that tough? You want to upsell the mall and its prospects so that you might attract more clients to the mall, and increased traffic means increased revenue. And increased revenue means more retailers. At least more who would want in...

And what about the former Sleep Zone? Thats a huge building, vacant as can be. Granted it has some of the toughest parking at the mall, but really - wouldn't you want SOMETHING there? Even if it is just a seasonal thing. Although if you look at the expanded map of Tanglewood its not "part" of the Tanglewood property. Theres a listing for every occupied space, and a number for every unoccupied space - so why not show the Sleep Zone?

Secrecy does nothing for sales, especially when theres no tangible signs of development for customers to see. You all at Tanglewood saved the 2 beautiful wooden kiosk-type fronts from the place that constantly had the Robot Rodeo, but then you stuffed them down a side hall.

What are the plans for those? Or are they just waiting another mystery retailer?

And no, you don't have to show all the cards - just give us a hint of whats to come. Clothing, furnishings, candles? Perhaps Restoration Hardware is setting its sites on the Roanoke MSA? Or could it be yet another Yankee Candle Co. shop?

The suspense is not killing us, but the years of dead-empty stores are. And when will you announce new food court vendors? Or is that a dream too?

If I recall correctly, the mall itself is owned by the Boston Teamsters, which should certaily put it on a vastly different playing field than any other maill around. Teamsters do not like to lose money, and rarely do they back a losing horse.


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This is a worthy letter to the editor?

Tiny chip to take giant bite from freedom

RFID is radio frequency identification. It's a technology that uses tiny computer chips to track items at a distance.

Log onto spychips.com (use library computers if you don't have a PC).

Read the book "Spychips" by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre. It's an eye-opener.

This goes way beyond the UPC (Universal Product Code) and the anti-theft code tags.

Three groups have a big interest in secretly using spychip data from the things you own: marketers, government agents and criminals.

For all people who love their country and want to keep their freedoms, check the Web site and read the book. They can also request the book from the library.

If we do not fight now, generations to come will acquiesce, accept and have no freedoms.

georgette lasorso


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Meanwhile.. at the Empty Arms Hotel...

The band played on.... Now I know you probably have no idea what this is, or where. Which makes it all the more important to save. This image, as stylized as it is, in housed in the Ebony Club, over on 1st (Henry). Upon the rear wall of the building, where the stage once was, and the band played... the band plays on...

While the hammers and machines of change and transformation begin their magic on the building, the band plays on...

Quite frankly, the band has probably been there (judging by the style) since the 1930's-40's.

Considering this is still attached to the building, and a part of it, this band is history.

There must be some way to ensure that after the hammers have gone, after the bricks have been revitalized - this band plays on... Posted by Picasa