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Thats not what I call stepping out of the shower. It does appear harmless though, and really not what I would consider a breach of contract. Actually, I know quite a few swarthy men who could use a breach like this.

No, I don't have the whole photo - and I don't want it. Unless he's wearing pants - then I will be really confused.

Thanks to the BigLickReport.com for the image.


Is it really that unexpected?

Jamey Singleton no longer part of Storm Team 10

BREAKING NEWS: WSLS management issued a statement saying that Singleton violated the morals clause of his contract.

Something to do with photographs distributed via e-mail, something about a video on a myspace page that doesn't exist anymore..

Rest assured, the full details will be known in short time - the weekend is upon us, and I am sure someone will give me details.

But maannnnn, Karen - if I were you, I'd send my resume over to DBJ right quick. SLS is collapsing around itself, and I know I would not want to be caught in the middle of it.


Building Empires

There's a time for explaining and a time for acting, and the iron is just beginning to warm, so I guess now would be a good time for explaining.

Where have I been as of late? Short answer, working. Long answer, not working nearly as much as I would like.

There is something about the fall that makes me want to grab a book and read obsessively, which is exactly what I did for the past few weeks - Gregory Maguire's Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, and Son of a Witch.

Interesting reads, both - he has a very different sense of Oz than the one most people are familiar with. If you have ever seen "Return to Oz", which is more aligned with the books, or read any of the series (yes, it was a series - not just a musical), then you'll immediately understand - but not grasp - the world of Maguire's Oz.

So that was that. I have also been bothering my poor keyboard with writings (some hinted at, and some not), stretching even the capabilities of OpenOffice to it's limits.

I have also been cross referencing and 'tagging' some of my archived historical works from Roanoke's past. Interestingly enough, I now believe I can pinpoint exactly when the city changed from a regular Mayor-led city to this bizzare City Manager/City Council polyglot we have - now I just need to find out why.

As the weather turns colder, well - more constantly cold anyway, and that most dreaded of all holidays (for some) arrives, I get electric. Expect more in the way of postings, podcasts, updates, and novelties than ever.

Oh, and the infamous ChefK of Roanoke has his old blog back again. I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow I wrested control away from him - but I signed a legally binding paper saying I would keep my hands off it. So go check in on him from time to time - please. Bad enough I have to work with him, much less get harassed on a daily basis about "how many hits do you have?" and "what, no post today Einstein?"

One step at a time, we are all building empires.

For all you Firefox users

Performancing is now working again with Blogger Beta, and this is the test post.

Just thought you should know.

If you don't use performancing, get with it - will you?